“The Trump tax cut is estimated to save Koch Industries an estimated $1bn to $1.4bn a year…. Not a bad return on investment.”

Art of Quotation

“The Trump tax cut is estimated to save Charles and the late David Koch and their Koch Industries an estimated $1bn to $1.4bn a year, not counting their tax savings on profits stored offshore and a shrunken estate tax.

The Kochs and their affiliated groups spent some $20m lobbying for the Trump tax cut, including political donations.

Not a bad return on investment.”


Robert Riech, economist

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The One Thing A Writer Must Accomplish – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


I have seen the endless prerequisites required to become a successful author. You must get an agent, submit your work, set up your platform, suck it up as they reject your work, start a newsletter, cultivate your voice, love reading, build your street team, read everything in your category, manage your brand, decide on your genre, learn your craft, daydream, and find your compelling reason for writing. What am I forgetting? Oh yeah, you also need to create something brilliant. The list is long, daunting and impossible to master in a short timeframe.  No wonder people quit.

I’ve made a radical decision. I plan to ignore the mandatory requirements and helpful advice, opting instead to compose stories. There is a saying that states, “when the student is ready the teacher will appear.” I trust the devices and skills will arrive at the point in my journey when I need them. I intend…

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That Day

The Stories In Between

She once whispered to me Of things which truly matter Only once will I say this She told me It is then up to you If you listen Or ignore these words If you see Burden or a gift For know These words are not mine They have been here Always Echoing through time A beacon of hope For all Who would listen The years passed And somewhere along the way I lost the words she said to me That day And now I find myself In desperate need Of her voice once again And I realize, looking back I didn't care enough To see through her eyes Was too afraid of the truth Too distracted By where I thought I needed to be And now I would gladly Tear down All that I've built Lay down All I have known To go back To remember Just a single word…

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“we are told that women are not allowed to be angry. It makes us unattractive to powerful men who want us to be quiet.”

Art of Quotation

In an email to some supporters Friday, Warren (D-Mass.) turned the criticism from her Democratic rival (J. Biden) into a rallying cry, writing,

“Over and over, we are told that women are not allowed to be angry. It makes us unattractive to powerful men who want us to be quiet.”

“Well, I’m angry and I own it.

I’m angry on behalf of everyone who is hurt by Trump’s government, our rigged economy, and business as usual.”


Elizabeth Warren, presidential candidate, senator, responding to Joe Biden’s criticism that she holds a “angry, unyielding viewpoint.”

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New week Inspiration ❤️☀ . . . New week New chapter


New week, new chapter, new page and new wishes……
May new opportunities and blessings will be brought to your door every single day of this week.
And may every day be filled with love, sunshine, hope, and positive energy. Let there be joy, fun and laughter.
Wishing you a Happy Monday and a wonderful week ahead.

Text and image source: Mitra Shahidi on Facebook

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