Siren Whispers

Have you ever lost yourself in velvet dreams?

Those that blanket the small
hours of the night, cocooned
in everything the mind shutters
while awake.
inscrutable in the light of day,
message unread,
a fragment of memory
we ache
to retain.

Published on Medium: P.S. I Love You for Poetry Sunday

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©Christine Kelly 2019

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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Confab With Me

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Sarah Doughty

“I feel it. Every place you ever touched me.”

I feel it. Every place you ever touched me. Every word you ever said. Every flash of a smile, and every glimpse of your eyes. It’s like a rush of every moment we spent together, happening in the span of seconds, over far too soon. And all I want is to feel you near once more.

But I can’t, and I’m back at the start, reliving the days when we were “us.”

© Sarah Doughty

This is what it means
to miss you.

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Autumn-Takes away a piece of me

Megha's World


I stand here



those leaves on me

keeping up the 

decked up pretenses

trying to satiate my 

inconsolable heart

not to lose hope

and lose that spark

my languid arms 

is the stark reality

of the emotions 

being stripped off me

one by one as

they fall 

scuttling towards their

seasonal death

a sign of my weary heart

the coltish life

emerging from the stupor

just to witness the last leaf

falling to the ground.


Photo by Bruno Ramos Lara on Unsplash

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