He Cries All Alone ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

Walt's Writings

When a man can take no more
When he feels like his world is breaking
He will cry
But he cries alone

He is there all alone
And so far from home
His world is so dark
So he cries all alone

He had no one to run to
And that’s how is has to be
He cries all alone
To the sound of an angel’s sigh

Deep in the night
He has nowhere to go
No place to call home
So he cries all alone

~The Tennessee Poet~
©Walt Page 2019 All Rights Reserved

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golden moon

Gretchen Del Rio's Art Blog

watercolor 10/2019

One thing to remember is to talk to the animals. If you do, they will talk back to you. But if you don’t talk to the animals, they won’t talk back to you, then you won’t understand, and when you don’t understand you will fear, and when you fear you will destroy the animals, and if you destroy the animals, you will destroy yourself.

……chief dan george 

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I’m a…..


I’m a gold giver

Never a digger

Im a free writer

A rufffffff drafter

A brainstormer

I rock a simile

Like a baby

I reverse metaphors

I’m a word bender

Or vise versa

I dream in rhyme

And sing in syllables

I’m a rhythmic slinger

A glossary rummager

Alliteration is my game cuz

Stella’s saucy sideshow sizzles

I’m an emotion pusher

A mood setter

I’m a fiction layer

Phoom, buzz, grunt, swooooshh

Yes I brought out the onomatopoeias just for show

I’m a first person non fiction dirty laundry spewer

I’m a word lover

A stanza fiend


Help me finish…. what would you add?

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#Troiku: Fireflies

Charmed Chaos

Wikimedia Commons

longing for the grass
emerging from the damp earth
lightning bugs take wing

at the bottom of the pool
green bullfrog awaits
autumn’s glowing feast

those fireflies
sending signals for a mate
hoards of blinking lights

At Carpe Diem, we have been challenged to write a troiku using the following Haiku:

longing for the grass
at the bottom of the pool
those fireflies.

© Buson

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Confab With Me

Throw away that inhabitation,
the dilemma of a confused heart,
for the choice you make is simple
provided you think with a sane mind
you either live with a pang
of unexpressed emotions,
or learn to move on
knowing it is an unrequited love

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