the truth of love’s returning ~

Come read the beautiful love poem – The Truth Of Loves Returning!



you spoke
at length
of choices made
and more to come
with winter’s breath –

of storms
and some dark night
beyond the gale

but I didn’t fear
for what might be –
for days between
and endless

for dreams beyond
the reach of memory

you spoke of tears
and I of mercy
one for one
and all assured
we’d find our way
where there was none

but the truth
of love’s returning

. . .

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Going against the grain ( Dare to be different)

Come learn the value of being unique!

Revolutionary Musings

I’m going against the grain; I don’t want to be the same. While everyone else is going their own way I’m headed in the other direction; the expectation is do as the others do, but a long time ago I knew I had to be my own man and I knew that not everyone understands but i do what I can to be one of a kind; someone with this own mind; I have to find my own way as i go through the day so i may always be going against the grain.


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The sea

Come and dream of the beach!

Revolutionary Musings

By the sea is where I want to be, the ocean in front of me; blue water as far as you can see. The sea air washes away my cares as I close my eyes in my beach chair and I feel the warmth of the sun; I’m done with the city; I’m headed towards the beach where it’s nice and pretty. I feel happy and calm in this ocean view; if you only knew how I need to be here right now, so allow me to daydream for a little bit more because when I’m cold and bored, I think of the seashore and I wish I was at the beach just like before….


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