Whole Again

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Sarah Doughty

“I broke myself to see if I could
put myself back together again.
And guess what? I did.”

Life is so full of surprises. Not all of them are good. And certainly not all are bad. But the point of life as you grow is to learn from your mistakes — whatever they may have been. Maybe, if we’re lucky, we won’t find ourselves so lost and beyond repair. But if you do find that something is missing, or pieces of you are gone — be brave and do what’s needed to make yourself whole again. Your body, your mind, and everyone around you will thank you for your strength.

© Sarah Doughty

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Taking control

Come and read Andrew’s wisdom in “Taking Control”. Please explore Andrew’s archive.

Andrew Green's Poems

CEE0503C-94FF-4DC8-8817-400E0810329CThere are people who make things happen
And people things happen to
If you don’t take control of what happens
Then things will happen to you.

If you don’t want to be life’s victim
And just let life happen to you
You have to make some choices
And make things happen for you.

If you don’t take charge of what happens
Then good things won’t happen for you.
If you don’t take control of your life
Then other people will.

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Do Not Miss This – tender, romantic and sensuous poem!!!

The Lonely Author

couple in rain

Hola People. No, I don’t post on Friday, but I had to make an exception today. I was challenged and inspired to do my first collaboration. So, here I am bursting at the seams. (Probably need to get out of that beach chair).

Lonely Author’s first collaboration with Nandita of A Tangle Of Weeds.

of https://nanditayata.wordpress.com/




She undresses me with her words
baring my naked soul for all to read
Her poetry brought us closer together
as the love in her voice tore me apart


He clothes me with his words so pure
As I bare myself to him when we’re alone
His words of love pulls me to him
To where he is, my soul has already flown
She used my flesh as her canvas
painting words of love all over me
every sweet stroke so enticing
she left me trembling at her feet

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