davidbrucehaiku: impossibilities

DO NOT MISS DAVID’S “Impossibilities” but more importantly for any and all who have written a book or will write a book Please be sure you take notice of his comments at the end! Thanks David for this great information.

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Read every good book

Listen to every good song

See every good film


I would like to see my retellings of classic literature used in schools, so I give permission to the country of India (and all other countries) to buy one copy of this eBook and give copies to all students forever. I also give permission to the state of Texas (and all other states) to buy one copy of this eBook and give copies to all students forever. I also give permission to all teachers to buy one copy of this eBook and give copies to all students forever.

Teachers need not actually teach my retellings. Teachers are welcome to give students copies of my eBooks as background material. For example, if they are teaching Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, teachers are welcome to give students copies of my Virgil’s Aeneid: A Retelling…

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Flowers don’t

Please come and see things from the viewpoint of the flower and the bee in Sarah’s “Flowers Don’t”

Solitude In Silence

Flowers don’t doubt

Bees’ loyalty and honesty

As they take food

(And fly back home)

And suck out the sugars from their souls-

Both are at peace.

I needed you to believe me then.

But your insidious tongue

Forgot you decided to give birth to me

When things got hard.

Flowers bloom on and off

But never forget to scent the atmosphere.

You can close your doors

But your mind will never rest.

I stuck with my promise and reached the end of it

(conquered the winter solstice

And the demons that came with it).

~Maryum Khalid~


Sarah Phelps

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…scoff not at the honest endeavours of others…

Come read this wonderful post “Scoff Not At The Honest Endeavours Of Others”.

Seumas Gallacher

…to every man, woman, and child who ever picked up a pen or pencil, tapped at a typewriter, clicked at a keyboard, in an effort to WRITESUM’THING out of their own imagination, I salute yeez… each and every one of yeez… heroes and heroines all… lately, I saw a Facebook exchange about what constitutes a ‘good’ writer, a ‘successful’writer, a writer ‘of note’, which discussion also included some gratuitously offensive commentary on certain scribblers whose material didn’t ‘meet the expectations’ of some readers… I call those sniper ‘critics’ cringeworthy carpers, pedantic peddlers, humbugging hussies… I wonder how many of those, so quick to relegate so readily to the dustbin the literary effort of others, have ever written a book themselves?… I recall the time this ol’ Scots Jurassic completed my first novel… my maiden sortie into the universe of the wordsmith, THE VIOLIN MAN’S LEGACY… it was…

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House of Heart – Author Appreciation

Many thanks to Braeden for “House Of Heart – Author Appreciation”! Holly Rene Hunter is a very talented author and poet and as Braeden has eloquently stated, your time will be well spent reading Holly’s works! I have found seeds of inspiration from her words and I hope you will too. In fact, Holly was an inspiration for my post “Her Eyes” on my blog, which you may enjoy. Holly was gracious enough to allow me to use her Photo Icon as the feature image!

It is my honor to be able to call Holly, My Friend and I would like you to get to know her too. Please explore her Archives for other beautiful works. Binge on Holly’s works instead of Netflix! LOL!

Invincible Verses

Holly Rene Hunter is the “House of Heart” blog. When I do stop by and read her blog I am quite impressed. Holly does a great job creating beautiful imagery. She writes with elegance and it’s almost as if I’m reading a famous poet from the 1970’s. I am always impressed when I read her blog. I enjoy the choices of word and style. Some may not know this but she also has a book. I encourage for others to take the time to read it.

Please check out her blog if you have not.

I take the time to do this because it is very time consuming for a blogger to answer questions for an award that is offered to them. This is my way of appreciating them without doing a bunch of work.

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Spirit Rising

Come read Dwight’s masterful piece “Soul Gazing” and see if he provokes some thoughts and seeds of inspiration for you.

Please enjoy Dwight’s other works in his Archive!

Roth Poetry

eer_0701Soul Gazing

When my spirit rises

Unencumbered and free

No weight or worry accompanies me

Interesting that I value things

When in the end the spirit flies

Leaving them all behind

How much I worry and fret

But this too shall pass when I am gone

My spirit rises out of this shell

A virtual butterfly reborn

From caterpillar to chrysalis

Reborn in the image of God

Spirit Creator Redeemer Savior

Knowing there is no place for the earthly

In the spirit world beyond

I can’t take it with me

But then again… Why would I want to

When my spirit rises

Leaving it all behind


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Paul at d’Verse asked us to write a soulful poem (soul gazing) for our Tuesday prompt. This poem expresses what I believe happens when we leave this world and our spirit rises and returns to our creator.

Come join…

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Lifecycle of a poem ( An anthology)

Come with Megha on a little trek to look at the “Life Cycle Of A Poem”. This will be fun. Be sure and explore the Archive on Megha’s site.

Megha's World

“Every heart sings a song, incomplete until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet.”
― Plato

Hello, my blogging family,

This next series of poems I’m trying to write is an ode to poetry. I just wanted to write something around the lines of the life cycle of a poem..how a poem is conceived, the emotions, the fleeting thoughts, and the raging desires encompassing it, which brings out the poet in you and lets you spill your unencumbered thoughts on the papyrus.

This is a very simple series of four poems.

  1. What is a poem?
  2. Writer’s block
  3. My Muse
  4. Birth of a poem

As always, I’m not the best in writing poetry and yet again it is my humble attempt to pay ode to one of the beautiful emotions of the creative expression. I’ll be…

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If you have ever gotten startled by your reflection in the mirror you will love Megha’s “Stranger”. Please explore the wonderful works in her Archive!

Megha's World

A reflection in the mirror
A ragged appearance
carved and sketched by the
hammers of time
cracks in her face
those freckles
stands the test of passing time
lines on her forehead
and the crow’s-feet
on the edges
are storing the time,
so sublime
the face she sees but
doesn’t recognize
she appears to be more bright
in her memories
she gathers hurt and the pain
in those wrinkles
but they seem to
have festered
she was hiding behind
age seems to be fleeting
her youth flailing behind
sometimes she gets startled
by her own reflection
unacquainted by the
stranger in the mirror
Oh! the pain and hurt
she has absorbed
all those years in her folds
can only seem to
tell the story
of her life being so unkind.
 Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash
This post is based on the daily prompt Identical

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Spring’s Celebration

Come enjoy “Spring’s Celebration! Be sure and explore Penny’s other great works in her Archive!

Penny Wilson Writes

*Spring is my favorite time of year.  So in honor of the first day of spring… 

The first blush of spring.  When the flowers begin their peek out of the soil seeking the sun.  A time of New Beginnings.   A time of Rebirth and Fresh Starts.

What a joy to behold!

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