The Why #amwriting

Come read the “Why” it is we write from this talented author!

Didi Oviatt -Author

As creators, we love the challenge of writing. We love the feeling of satisfaction that comes with pushing the boundaries of our own imaginations. There’s something about taking one certain thought or idea and then molding and transforming it into something bigger. Something deeper. Something that’s unique… and beautifully so.

As creative writers we strive to come up with story lines that say,

“Hey pst, come ‘er… I’m gunna’ tell you something’ you’ll never forget.”

That’s kind of like our ultimate goal. Aside, from becoming NYT Best Selling Authors, that is. We really just want our masterpieces to be powerful enough that our readers have no choice but to soak it all up like a sponge.


It’s like there’s this certain thrill in taking the image of a character/being or what have you, and just pulling it from the depths of our brains kicking and screaming. Then we can slap it on a page…

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Six Text Messages I Never Sent You

Come read the text messages that never got sent!



1. It’s been months since the last time we talked. Really talked. The kind of conversation we used to have, the one I like, I enjoy. The kind of conversation that attracted me to you. It’s nice and fun reading those threads of text messages but it saddens me at the same time. Little did I know that would be the last day I’d enjoy a chat/conversation with you. If I paid more attention that day, would I have seen signs at least that it would be the last? I don’t know. I just think now that it’s a terrible thing really how we throw away people. A terrible thing, being thrown away. Why don’t we talk anymore? Why’d you stop talking to me? I wish I could get or come up with even a flake of an answer…

2. I have been wondering what have you been up to…

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On Becoming A Writer: Beth Amanda

Come And Enjoy Meeting Beth – A.K.A. Midwest Fantasy And Learn How She Became A Writer Of Sensual, Erotic And Love Poems.

She Says, “I Like Freedom, Fun And The Wild Of Daring To Do Things Others Would Not.” The First Poem I Read By Her Was “Crazy” And I’ve Been Hooked On Her Words Ever Since. They Have A Way Of Speaking To My Heart And I Hope They Will For You Too!! Please Visit Her Blog.

Go Dog Go Café

An important part of every writer’s journey is the transition from seeing ourselves as “someone who writes” to seeing ourselves as writers.  We asked all the Go Dog Go Baristas to tell us a little bit about their journey as a writer.  We hope you enjoy learning more about the Baristas and are inspired by their stories.

Beth Amanda

When you did you start writing?

In January of 2014 I joined Twitter, but didn’t start writing poetry on Twitter until that summer after finding amazing writers and what was on there.  I had no idea the community of writers supporting each other or the freedom to write what and who you are.  With encouragement from a friend I met on Twitter, I jumped in. I didn’t even know I wanted to write poetry, but the fit was right.

I have, actually, kept journals my whole life, off and on, and love the craft of forming…

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