Metacogni-LOVE: Fall in Love With What You’re Creating

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Steps In Between


In honor of the coming Valentine’s Day and creativity, what do you love? Be that you write, or paint, or toil at a trade, whatever you do that defines who you are… what do you love about it? What keeps you coming back to it? What keeps you committed (even during the dark times)?

Creativity pinned on noticeboard

I love my characters. From my novel, Seam Keepers, Ashton and Mason are friends I wish I knew. They are joyful, bantering, feisty souls who make me want to revisit my completed chapters again and again. I look forward to writing them into new situations in my second book, Dream Keepers. And the thought of the story ending there is painful to think about. I know I will miss them in unexplainable ways.

I’ve created two new characters, Mire and Trill, in an entirely new story that isn’t completely planned out yet. It doesn’t matter though…

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