A Velvet Lining

Come and imagine the touch of soft velvet in “A Velvet Lining”. Be sure and Explore Midwest Fantasy’s Archive too.

Midwest Fantasy Writes

Velvet Lining

He was not

a silver lining

but one of

deep, dark velvet


a softness

with secrets tucked

within folds

peeking out

over edges


a richness

sliding over my palms

untold stories

slipping between fingers


an honestness

baring fantasies

dark finding light

inviting my own

to play


an exoticness

of woven intricacies

wrapping my mind

while urging

my fervid desires

be cloaked

within his own



Ph-Luckysova Studios

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Please vote: I’m a scholarship finalist!

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Hi everyone!

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Passing Train

Come enjoy this entrancing narrative of watching a passing train with stunning graffiti heading across the country. Abigail’s post “Passing Train” is really delightful!

Dark Side of the Moon

train, burrough, pixabayThe train rushes past me as I sit quietly counting cars.
One… two… three… four… Graffiti embellishes them like old scars
Of past relationships, signified by hearts and lovers’ names,
Memorialized with great grace and flawless design on frames
Destined to carry the messages from sea to shining sea.
A pity they missed their calling, these artists. Don’t you agree?
They could be painting for kings…. One ninety-two… one ninety-three—
Something must have happened up the track, for suddenly it jars,
But does not stop. Good-bye, mobile art gallery…. No one blames
These artists for brightening our lives with their hyperbole.

Copyright © 2018 Abigail Gronway – All Rights Reserved

Cinq Trois DecaLa RhymeA decastich (10-line poem) written in only one stanza.
Syllabic structure: 15 syllables per line.
Rhyme Scheme: aabbcccabc
Meter is optional

Photo courtesy of Burrough and Pixabay

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Skin (revisited)

Do Not Miss – Christine’s elegant and exquisite post – “Skin – Revisited”

Brave & Reckless

It is rumored that there are 50 words

In the Eskimo language for snow

I ponder

Why are there not 50 words in the

English language

That I could draw upon

To describe that moment

When your bare skin

Touches my bare skin?

Many call me a writer, a poet

And yet words utterly fail me when I try to capture

That first exquisite brush of contact

There should be words to convey

How many textures a single human body can contain

From the smoothest silk of the insides of your arms

The iron of your biceps

The hair on your chest

The calluses on your feet when our legs brush

There should be a whole new language

To describe

The warmth of your body under our sheets

Pressed up against mine

It is not just the heat of rising passion

It is also tender blush

That spreads from my cheeks to…

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