Letting go

Come and read this beautiful poem “Letting Go”!! See if you have had any memories fall back into your heart!

The Paths of the Spirit

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I held you
like a cluster
of memories
I let you go
and the wind
carried you
away from me
but the memories
fell back
into my heart

and then,
that voice in the wind:

“Here is the love
from which I will return.”

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Our First Night

Come enjoy Sabrina’s romantic “Our First Night” and think back to your own!!

Sabrina Escorcio

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Carry me darling,
to where it began.

Do you recall…
we etched our names
into soft winter pine
as we lay bare
on slatted floors
cushioned only by words.
Tucked under a bed
of youthful dreams.

Do you remember
this place within
the labyrinth of our chaos.
You created perfect calm
in the midst of our storm.
Built a fire for us
to keep winters chill
from settling in our bones.

Where we danced
like gypsies holding hands,
under the moon
as our mentor.
Bodies moving in sync
to its illuminating melody.
As the fires’ crackling tongues
softly licked our imagination
well into the morning.

I will save the memory
my dearest love,
when we held one another
watching winter
as it fell upon the earth
to blanket what was,
our very first night.

Sabrina Escorcio

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