Why I Write

Come read Dwight’s “Why I Write” A great tribute to good friends how encouraged him along the way.

Roth Poetry

Poetry formt the Heart - cover photoI write from a very visceral place down deep in my soul. Seventy years have left a lot of indelible tattoos on my soul that are just now coming to the surface as poetry. Aging, depression, Alzheimer’s, pain, and wonderful, spiritual goodness have all written their name on me. Now I am sorting them out one poem at a time.

I started writing poetry in 2013, and continue to do so because of the influence of a dear friend and poet, Kym Gordon Moore. As the head of a poetry group, she lit my fire for writing. Kym encouraged me to start a blog.  She introduced me to Tom D

avis, Editor of Old Montain Press, who encouraged me to write my memoirs and put them on Amazon Kindle.  These two friends are the reason I write! Now I cannot help myself. I have to write! I…

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Come read Megha’s beautiful poem.

Megha's World


A beaming smile that can put
the sun to shame
a laugh that can make the
lilies bloom
any day
and the sweetness which
bees borrow to sweeten
their honey
such is the warmth
you feel my love,
when you are near him

He will take you by surprise with
all his witty talks
and he will corner you with his charm
and there is no place
left to hide
no place to run

He will grow on you
slowly and surely
like the endless beauty of a poem
like the intoxication of a vintage wine
you are always too late to realize that
your heart has turned into a shrine

He is a mirage an illusion
a shiny trinket
I would like to have
a thing too precious to bear
a thing too far too near

Oh! How fervently
I would love
to be his muse
living this life in a denial

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Today I Choose Joy

Come read and listen to “Today I Choose Joy”

This Way Up

“Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.”

– Joseph Campbell 


Today I shall choose Joy!

And so does Stu Krieger.  Will you join us?

Let me know your thoughts on how you choose joy each day.
And as always, thank you for taking the time to visit.  I appreciate it.

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Do Something About It

Come read the post “Do Something About It” and see if maybe you should???

Discovering Your Happiness

Hello loves ❤

If you hate your job so much you’d rather do just about anything other than get up and go to work, quit. If you hate coming home at the end of a long day because you can’t stand to look your partner in the face, leave. If you are sick and tired of the way your life is going, do something about it.

If you hate your life that much–change it. Stop moaning and groaning about it, and actually do something.

Do you think anyone wants to work with someone who is miserable? No. Do you think you’re doing yourself or your partner a favor by staying with them when you can’t stand to be in the same room as them? No. Do you think you’re really going after what you want when you half-ass things and give up after a few bumps? Nope.

Things aren’t going…

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Come read this exquisite poem on Spring!

House of Heart

If  I should return to your provenance  I would bring one last offering.  Those words you loved,  that you spoke a thousand times  or wrote just once.  I would place them near,  let those tender verses lie down beside you.

Wild wood

A trampled path winds

its way through the

reaching arms of evergreen

to a misty wild wood where my

heart lies down with yours.

White tail deer nibble goldenrod

lift the veil of solitude.

Spring showers and wild flowers

flourish here where

April lives forever.

image © Joan Egert

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