souvenirs ~

Come and enjoy this romantic love poem – “Souvenirs”



do I need a reminder
of places I’ve wandered
above a blue canyon or a babbling stream
would I barter permission
though fated in passing
to remind me of wonder
the color of dreams

what good would it do me
to garner a ticket
for a ship left from port
such a long time ago
to sail on a journey
beyond every sunset
to touch on the memory
of pleasures I’ve known

were once souvenirs
beholding to treasure
of moments twice breathed
into life – into truth
would I be any richer
with a picture of heaven
than the memory of wings
beating soft on the roof

the book of my seasons
sits low on the mantle
pressed by my soul
into beauty I’ve touched
near as a lifetime –
the echo of always
knows no remembrance
would compare then to love

. . .

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Note to Self – A Guide to Self Preservation in my Senior Years

Come read this fascinating post on what you would write in a letter to your older self???

Life After 50

Often, we read about people writing to their younger selves, sharing advice they wish they had known in their earlier years.  This is done in the hopes that another younger person may read it & benefit from this sage advice.  An attempt to somehow lessen the stress & self-doubt a younger person feels as they move forward in life.

This got me to thinking.

At the age of 54, based on my life experience to date, what advice would I deliver to myself in my senior years?  If I had the chance to have a conversation with my older self, what nuggets of knowledge would I feel it necessary to share?

Hopefully one of my kids will have tucked this away in a safe place, waiting for the appropriate time to present me with my own words of advice.  Lord knows, I won’t be able to find it anywhere & I…

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A Narcissistic Love Affair

Come and read the heartfelt words of one who loved unconditionally!


I am real in the flesh nice on the eyes.
Been told this a time or two by several good looking guys.
There has only been one however that was able to sink his hook.
I only wish that guy was real and not as fake as a fiction book.
The two of us went or seperate ways and parted a few years ago.
When I found him in our bed with a fat blond headed ho.
I still miss him every day that goes by.
I only wish that he was real and hadn’t been a lie.
He stole my heart while playing me for a fool.
Left me high and dry while thinking he was cool.
Damage done, but for some reason I can’t seem to let him go.
He never loved me like I loved him that’s apparent by the ho.
If he walked through my door…

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Don’t walk too far away from the child within you,

Come read this beautiful post on why you need to keep your inner child close to your heart.



“Don’t walk too far away from the child within you,
and never abandon the sense of wonder that magnifies
the smallest of things into mountains of joy.
For one day, when you lose sight of happiness,
that child within can guide you back to the things
that once nourished your heart.”

~ Dodinsky

~ Image by Marc Adamus
Text & image source: The Garden Of Pensiveness

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