You Are Who You Want To Be

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Opinionated Head


Greatness simmers in my blood and then goes away. There are moments of clarity when I see things clearly and then everything becomes out of focus, messy. There are flashes of profound awareness and then vague cluelessness returns. An uncontrolable drive, a passion flickers and then dissapears.

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Come and learn about the petals and the thorns in the beautiful piece “Rose”


In a land of dirt and dust, be a rose with a petal-like character; soft, kind and beautiful. Sprinkling smiles like magic, turning the land into a heaven-like place to live upon, planting memories that does no harm to a soul, you would forever be remembered as the person who swept away the dirt and dust of this land with your petals.

In a land of demons and devils, be a rose with a thorn-like character; fierce, strong and captivating. Firing a flame from within, turning the land into a battlefield, leaving the past that does a harm to your soul, you would forever be praised as a warrior who never gave up, who swept off the demons and devils out of this land with your thorns.

In a land of emerging buildings and budding clouds, be a rose; soft but fierce cause we live in a land of heaven…

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