My editorial debut anthology “The Medusa Project”, is going to the moon!! as part of the “Polaris Collection” via Astrobotics Technologies and SpaceX

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This whole post seems so unreal to me asI share the news that my first e-anthology “The Medusa Project”, as an editor for the UK based Literary and Arts Journal, Mookychick, has been selected as the digital payload for the The Polaris Collection – Launching in 2023 with SpaceX / Astrobotic Technologies’ Griffin Lander / NASA VIPER Rover.The anthology has been co-edited by me and the UK based poet and artist, Juliette Van der Molen.

Here is the link for the Lunar Codex Project and “The Medua Project” as its digital payload.

About the Polaris Collection:

“The Polaris Collection” is  payload associated with an Astrobotic mission in, most likely the Griffin/VIPER mission, landing in the area of the Lunar South Pole. As an arts and culture project, The Lunar Codex is the most expansive, international, and diverse collection of contemporary culture launched to the…

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Rhymes, Writings, and Confessions to Small Crimes


What a gluttonous savage I have been…

Dreaming of love and what could have been…

Fantasies and fairy-tales are bound in pages fit for bookshelves…

Buried in hallow graves that they dig for themselves…

Thy words served cold with a shot of pain…

Warth down the throat, with the wooden hint of disdain…

My words rest amongst the floating stars and dim lit passages…

Ramblings unfit for the masses…

Pretentiousness I do seek…

How dare I look for a real life heart beat…


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Wednesday Song-I Love You-Climax Blues Band

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Rhymes, Writings, and Confessions to Small Crimes

Wednesday Song-I Love You-Climax Blues Band

When I was younger, man
I hadn’t a care
Fooling around
Hitting the town
Growing my hair

You came along
And stole my heart
When you entered my life

Ooh, babe, you got what it takes
So I made you my wife

Since then I never looked back
It’s almost like living a dream
And, oooh, I love you

You came along
From far away
And found me here

I was playing around
Feeling down
Hitting the beer

You picked me up
From off the floor
And gave me a smile

You said, you’re much too young
Your life ain’t begun
Let’s walk for awhile

And as my head was spinning around
I gazed into your eyes
And thought, oooh, I want you

Thank you, babe, for being a friend
And shining your light in my life
‘Cause, oooh, I need you

As my…

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Little things

Come and Enjoy this Post By Savvy

Savvy Raj

Many drops of water

Make an ocean

Great things always begin

With the little things

Success is a matter

Of every small step taken

Such is is the power of little things

For together they can make a big impact.

Enjoy the little things in life 

Attend to the little things that come by

For someday these little things

Create a meaningful world.


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