Spin the bottle…


Spin the bottle

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"The game of youth get used without our permission with old age."

                   Spin the bottle…

Old man sat alone.
Told me. “Damn if you do. Damn if you don’t. Life is like the game spin the bottle, playing with your sister.
All you get is a kiss on the cheek.”

Today I masquerade as a free man.
My Jack Daniel warm and tasty. Leave me cold and listless.
The timeless skies had left me in Purgatory Inn waiting for no-one.
I know the big storm is a-coming.
War is near. My instinct is to leave the service.
My desire provoked me to test life and death.

I sat with a Austin beauty. Her sheer red blouse allowed me to glance upon
full and soft breasts. She asked what blessing are left?
Her long flowing red hair fell into her back.

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Beautiful Laura sat by the sea…


Beautiful Laura sat by the sea

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Beautiful places and things can’t be forgotten." 

                       Beautiful Laura sat by the sea….

I sat in a field of wildflowers.
The scent of the wildflowers took me to the sea and sweet Laura.

Laura loved the free flowers. She told me often.
Beauty should be free and not caged.

I went far away from sweet Laura. I served the Army and she was wild and free.
I remember her sweet voice. Her singing of sweet songs of love and peace.
She loved dancing with the waves and tossing me butterfly kisses from a distance.

She asked, Would I return to her my Poet friend?
I told her. Life is not fair. I will try to return to you my love. I know you can’t return
to the same place you left.

Laura took my hands. We danced…

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A twisted lullaby, maybe?


A twisted lullaby, maybe?

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Came to me in my dream. A twisted lullaby."

                                 A  twisted lullaby, maybe?

Was the first of June and Johnnie and Lucy wanted a adventure. Johnnie told his dear Lucy, I have loved you yesterday and today I love you more. She laughed at his words. She smiled and she told him. You American boys can whisper sweet words seeking kiss and a slow dance. But us London gals, we need more than words. We need evidence and great proof. You promise me a adventure and place of mystery. You can take my hand and I will walk with you to the city of wonder and madness. Do not try to steal a kiss till we can make me smile.

He told her. A Gypsy…

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The fray…


  The fray…

(Fray-1 a : to wear (something, such as an edge of cloth) by or as if by rubbing : fret. b : to separate the threads at the edge of. 2 : strain, irritate … a botched new bus system … which has frayed tempers. �” The Economist. intransitive verb. 1 : to wear out or into shreds.)

Wanderlust, free-mind or too much drink. He falls into the fray of dreams nightly.
Maybe just dreams??
Something beautiful, something sweet came into my dreams.
Rolling fingers over sleeping skin, rolling hands over quiet body, rolling arms awakening dark heart.
She laid in a field of the wildflowers, her colorless eyes, transforming faces of kindness, of ladies, I have known.
He heard a whisper, don’t fall into the fray. The prettiest gal he had ever known, ever seen. Her brought her closer, pressed her body toward him and…

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