Unloved in the daytime


I don’t know what am I feeling like,

where is me from the daytime.

My senses got lost in the blue sky,

in the affection for someone that couldn’t be mine.

Lately, I’ve believed that love when done,

unclear, take your happiness with you.

The stars you put in the sky fall when you go

and get yourself broken by someone new.

I do get love back even when it has dirt,

I try to finish those days, the ones in which I get unloved.

-Riya Shah

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Souls follow


We try to love the ones we think

are made for us, till the time wrinkles come,

we think they’ll grow with us!

Hands we think will forever touch and forgive,

the bruises while searching.

I believe souls follows when the days go by,

in the air, there is a constant aroma

that stays, which is forever kind.

-Riya Shah

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