“I don’t think there has ever been a man who treated a woman as an equal and that’s all I would have asked for, for I know I’m worth as much as they.” — Art of Quotation

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“I don’t think there has ever been a man who treated a woman as an equal and that’s all I would have asked for, for I know I’m worth as much as they.” Related article: You know Monet and Manet. This female Impressionist deserves your attention, too. Berthe Morisot, French, painter

via “I don’t think there has ever been a man who treated a woman as an equal and that’s all I would have asked for, for I know I’m worth as much as they.” — Art of Quotation

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Blue Wings

Come and Enjoy This from Linda!!!

Charmed Chaos

Sunburst by D. Trifiletti ($20)

I wear blue wings of a butterfly
in a silver ring upon my slender finger
for words to me are flowers,
waiting to blossom and bloom
Fluttering from nouns to verbs
discovering their precious nectar
in the vibrant garden of my thoughts
as crystal tears fall in blinding prism shafts
lighting the dazzling cerulean sky
of my windswept colorful mind

Real Toads: http://withrealtoads.blogspot.com/2018/12/artistic-interpretations-with-margaret.html

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Charmed Chaos

The only sound the ticking of the key wound clock
as her tears slip, dripping down to her beating heart
the room a somber grey, time to her has stopped
for he has gone and torn their sacred world apart

His presence fills the space as a work of art
So she wanders aimless from room to room,
Searching for her brushes and pigments to start
filling in broken lines, changing the tainted gloom

With an artist’s grace, she paints the blooms
Coloring her heart in vibrant hued flowers
waiting not for someone to save her from doom
but instead, waters her soul with tearful showers

For the tears she once shed in tormented grief
Now gives life to her garden, sprouting green seeds

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The fingerprints…


 The fingerprints….

I washed the blankets and I washed the sheets. I opened the Window wide and the damn cold air awoke my memory of you. On a September night in the Fall, you brought your clothing, your toothbrush and your womanly things into my house. You promised me forever and I remember you, laying nude on my bed, waiting for me to fall into your skin, your mouth and those dark brown eyes. I saw the tapestry of chaos in your smile. I knew you were just seeking shelter and I was the safest place you could find.

Now the March cold days are here. You had packed your clothing, tossed away the old toothbrush and left your womanly things abandon in my bathroom. You gave me a lasting kiss and you walked out the door. You didn’t look back as the street stole your memory away from me.

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A little crazy…

Come And Enjoy This!!!


A little crazy….

She told me, don’t matter, who is right, who is wrong.

We are what we are.

All I know, you take me where I want to go.

You are my midnight poet,

who love to wash my hair and you love to watch me.

Take long bath, love long kisses and endless nights of loving.

I love your bath time poetry and how your eyes adore my face,

my eyes, my skin.

When we danced in the San Francisco and allowed the Spring rain

to clean our skin and our minds.

I know I was free, a little crazy.

I told her.

You are my black velvet whiskey,

taste so easy and make me want make you wild.

I love you, when you are crazy.

We need a little crazy or we will forget we are alive.

Let’s me and you roam to Big Sur.

Get bare…

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If you ever forget that I love you…

Come and Enjoy This From John!


 If you ever forget I love you…

Sober man, can’t write no more. He can’t feel no-more pain. Once he sought the greatest dreams and love was his, forever and one day. The fainting sun on a April warm day left him feeling helpless and he knew. He killed the dreams, he killed the want of love. Somehow the disappointment of life to kill the hope in his eyes, the warmth in his heart.

He drank the Scottish whiskey and he wrote into a journal. If I ever forget I loved you. Can I find the place where I dwelled in your eyes? Where we knew laughter, we knew mutual hope and dreams. I went to my dear love and I asked her.

Am I okay my kind friend? I feel empty and useless.  You have been waiting for me to return and I am so thankful. Darling, love, sweetheart…

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