Poet Rummager

Enlight91 Pottery by Poet Rummager

I pull you close.

You tell me no –

Not tonight.

Just one little kiss.

I smell your sweat.

It whets my appetite.

You scare me,

You whisper

As I make you mine.

I inhale your scream.

Tentacles unwind.

I pierce your thoughts

Like a scalpel to your brain.

I slice off sweet dreams

And toss them away.

Say my name!

I insist.

You cover your eyes.

Say my name!

I seethe.

You refuse.

I grit my teeth.

I bite.


You shriek.

You wake in the night.


You shout.

I’m aroused

By your fright.


You screech.

I laugh with unfettered delight.

Don’t ever forget my name.

I sigh as you give up the fight.

*Pesadilla means nightmare in Spanish.

😈 Two more days until Halloween… 🦇 Oh, happy day! 🖤

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Evening Ocean

Flicker of Thoughts

The ocean is grumpy 
When the evening is approaching
She got tired of the screaming children

She keeps spitting out seaweeds
Pushing them to shore
Hoping the stink drives people home

The sun quits being an overstaying guest
She is finally less irritable
watching it setting

She can't wait to bath
her clammy skin in the dark
Letting her hair out
to flirt with the moonbeam

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