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I had an English teacher who taught grammar with song lyrics. She used printed copies and had the class parse the stanzas while the songs played in the classroom. Grammar was never my favorite subj…

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Blame not the kiss…


Blame not the kiss

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"The long Summer days bring hope and dreams of hope."         

                 Blame not the kiss…

The pen and paper cannot give justice to your beautiful face.
Words cannot describe the beauty of your eyes.
The great moon don’t compare to you standing near me.

I thought once, you were too wild and untamed to be held.
Now we dance on the quiet beach and we listen to the sea.

We lay together and I caressed your tender feet and I listen to your song.
You told me the charity of love is fair. Love delight is love gained.
Better to fast in love and kiss making the final plight sweet and never forgotten.
People who eat up life like pigs. Don’t remember the sweet kiss and tender embrace.

I brought my love near and told her. Blame not the kiss…

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You are in Paris and I’m here…


You are in Paris and I’m here

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"I need a year in the city of lights."                

        You are in Paris and I’m here…

I hurt myself again today and I allowed you into my thoughts. I read your words and I wished I was someone else. I wish I knew different places and dances. I wished I could fall at your feet and tell you. You are so beautiful, and you are my world.

I’m a logical man. I know we have one life and very few opportunities to know joy and love. On the altar of love. Dreams can be laid wasted than forgotten. Sweet Katie is dancing freely and wild in Paris. Johnnie had his pen and paper waiting alone.

I have try to kill your memory, but the sweetest words of love cannot be forgotten. Lover letters can be poetry…

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Needing and bleeding…


Needing and bleeding

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Love teaches us many things. Mainly hold on tight and be kind."

                                     Needing and bleeding…

I have lived and died in your arms. You were my salvation and my death. Sweet kisses once held so precious seem so far away. Once you told me. I was your everything and only need. Sweet words turned dirty with time.

I use to pray for someone like you. Wild and fearless in life and dreams. I didn’t know you can’t hold the wind or control the hurricane. The free road and great dreams had no time for love.

You found me after we parted. Your kind blue eyes filled with tears asked me to be okay. I told you. It is okay honey. Love is twisted. We can’t get what we want. We learn to accept less. Whiskey, song and taverns are a safe…

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The Chelsea hotel…


The Chelsea hotel

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"I went to New York a few times. I stayed in the park and wrote poetry in the day and drank in the dark taverns at night. I like the feel of the city. "  

                           The Chelsea hotel….

Leonard Cohen words and song took me to the Chelsea motel before I arrived in the city of New York many times over. I yearn to find the places Cohen and Janis Joplin talks and drank. I have learn in my short life. No saint or angels in the New York city bars and you must want to be saved. To be saved.

I carried my writing journal, the Norton Anthology of English Literature (1942) and held my hot coffee. I sat in the park near the main fountain in the Summer of 1980. The old men were placing chess and many people…

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Wasted Time

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While caught in a never ending whirlwind of unwanted reasonings, dwelling on past grudges, and fearful of a future that no one can ascertain, we sadly deprive our hearts from the comfort of love

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