The Amrita Connection

Wealth is a state of mind.
It goes beyond money.
Money helps no doubt.
But, what truly make us wealthy
Go beyond money.
They range from the mundane to the mystic.

Good health that befriends you through life’s ups and downs,
A family that loves you back,
Friends who stand by you even when they know you’re making a mistake,
Wisdom to light the way,
A job you like doing,
And, one that needs you,
Colleagues who understand
And, have your back,
A child that hugs you at the end of a long day,
A pet that licks your face and wakes you up,
The ability to travel and see the world through the eyes of a local,
The comfort of a pile of books,
Music that soothes your soul,
Opportunities to reinvent yourself,
The silence of the mountains,
The vastness of the oceans,
The comfort of a good wine,

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The Path I Crave


Go Dog Go Café


Trickle of water

slowly inching

down her neck

to a path

between her breasts


I watch…


filling me


that water particle

traces a path

I haven’t dared

yet am desperate

to follow


It slides now

across her belly

her hips rise


ever so slowly

then rest


the droplet


ever so seductively


into the depths

of where I need

to know her



strangling me

until I can breathe

no more



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taste of ash ~


what loss
might i concede
holding back the storm
waiting yet of fate –
a certain fall
when years are spread
beyond the snow
as northern lights –
a summer kiss

the taste of ash –
as bitter once a flame
cooled against my tongue
another day
grieve my hands
tender lands
given time to know
was paradise
by some other name

will truth be found
more than this
a muted understanding
where none were drawn
empty folds
lifetimes to become
silences –
to rise
warmth to seek
whene’er the ground
goes cold

. . .

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Love has showed me madness…


 Break me….

Please break me. Make me bleed. Show me I’m alive. Make me die and bring me back to life. Dead men revived know life can be okay.

Drink of my skin and eat of my flesh and make me scream. I want to become lost in you. I have accepted the bad ending. Fairytale ending are for children.

Wear the black dress and nothing else. I want the purple black scarfs upon your wrists. I want you sing in sweet whispers. I want nothing Johnnie and I want everything. Be mind alone. Dark night allowed sober kisses and wild dance to expand to places. Places for the ghosts to love and kiss.

In the purgatory of life. We need to beg for things we should not have. I want you. You are my madness. Hold me tight and tell me sweet lies. Tonight I won’t die. I want…

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