Shape Of Growth

The Darkest Fairytale

I followed my dreams
They led me to you,
Over the dark forest
Beyond the castle view.
When I asked for a sign
It spelled out my name,
Burning into my mind
Like fire to a flame.
When I searched for love
I was handed a mirror,
I needed to love myself
To see things clearer.
When I chased freedom
I lost touch with reality,
Shaping myself was vital
Discovery was the key.
The answers appeared
Knowledge had to be earned.
I found myself embedded
In the lessons I had learned.


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I Heard A Sound

Secret Thoughts Within

Image sourced here via Pinterest

I heard a sound
and it reminded me
of all the beautiful things
in the world
in my life

Splendour all round –
from the tiny forgotten flowers
to the giant gumtree dancing with the breeze
I am in awe

Grandeur all around –
in my ears
in the air
in my heart

I heard a sound
and my heart lifted
I took a look around and smiled
O, how I smiled
at all the beautiful things

The feature photo and this song by Alexis Ffrench – Bluebird were my muses for this piece.

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