My editorial debut anthology “The Medusa Project”, is going to the moon!! as part of the “Polaris Collection” via Astrobotics Technologies and SpaceX

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This whole post seems so unreal to me asI share the news that my first e-anthology “The Medusa Project”, as an editor for the UK based Literary and Arts Journal, Mookychick, has been selected as the digital payload for the The Polaris Collection – Launching in 2023 with SpaceX / Astrobotic Technologies’ Griffin Lander / NASA VIPER Rover.The anthology has been co-edited by me and the UK based poet and artist, Juliette Van der Molen.

Here is the link for the Lunar Codex Project and “The Medua Project” as its digital payload.

About the Polaris Collection:

“The Polaris Collection” is  payload associated with an Astrobotic mission in, most likely the Griffin/VIPER mission, landing in the area of the Lunar South Pole. As an arts and culture project, The Lunar Codex is the most expansive, international, and diverse collection of contemporary culture launched to the…

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