Two Bodies, We

Charmed Chaos

Two bodies, we
You, the hardwood Oak
I, the clinging passion vine
Entwined in the ebony night.

Two bodies, we
You, Mars the god of war
I, Venus the goddess of love
Fiery night sky bleeds with red heat.

Two bodies, we
You, the shaft of flint
I, the shimmering diamond
Black night sparks, catches fire.

Two bodies, we
You, the river flowing to the blue sea
I, tumultuous waves as you spill into me
The night screams with cries of ecstasy.

dVerse Poets Pub: Poetics Lost in Translation

Imaginary Garden With Real Toads: Tuesday Platform

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Autumn’s Coming

Dark Side of the Moon

r a t t l e s

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Created by Emily Romano
There are only 3 words in the poem, hence the title Brevette. It consists of a subject (noun), verb, and object (noun), in that order. The verb should show an ongoing action, and should be written with spaces between the letters. Each word may have any number of syllables, but there should be balance among the words. There are no other rules.

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Top 10 Writing Tips by Bestselling Author Sue Moorcroft @SueMoorcroft #Top10WritingTips

Shelley Wilson Author

Welcome to week 5 of our Top 10 Writing Tips by… feature. Learning from mentors helps us to improve and evolve in our chosen field, and I still recall the top tips given to me at the start of my writing journey. In honour of that, and to help the next generation of writers’ young and old, I started a feature whereby established authors impart their words of wisdom and share their top ten writing tips.

Next up for the challenge is bestselling author, Sue Moorcroft.

Sue Moorcroft, A Summer to Remember, Avon Books

Top 10 Writing Tips by Sue Moorcroft

Sue is a bestselling author who lives in Northamptonshire in the middle of England. As part of a British Army family she was born in Germany and lived in Cyprus and Malta as a child. Sue loves to travel, especially to Malta, which she thinks of as a second home. Her big passions are watching Formula 1…

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Don’t miss John’s – Promises!!


   Promises and a miracle
Your soft hands in my hands,
us together upon the soft bed.
You smell of Summer flowers and we do not speak.
We knew,
love didn’t need words.
                   A miracle
Upon a Summer day,
with youth as our wealth,
I saw you and you saw me.
No words spoken and somehow.
We twisted-up our two lives, forever.
You became my wish and a prayer.
We became one for a time and we had the Summer and the Fall.
You were a miracle to me,
forever and a wonderful place to find in kind memory.

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The Unsaid Bond

Confab With Me

Do we have anything between us?
or am I chasing a mirage,
a shimmering shadow
that glitters sometimes
only to disappear
after some blithe moments
to treasure whilst your absence

You mayn’t know
but every time you decide to leave
I am pulled into a ravine,
an abyss,
a bottomless pit of darkness and despair

Until you appear again to disappear
and the mirage loop continues

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