Foolish Little Girl

Sarah Doughty

“How foolish of me.
To think those beautiful dreams
would never come true.”

How foolish of me. To think of my luck compared to some of the people I wanted to call friends. To think I loved in a house and not an apartment or a trailer. How foolish of me. To think that having my own room was somehow a good thing. Because maybe, if I shared that room with my sibling, maybe they would have stopped it all from ever happening. Or, selfishly, I wouldn’t be the only one enduring that hell. How foolish of me. To think about all those what ifs, those unknowns, and those dreams I knew would never come true.

© Sarah Doughty

But I was just a little girl.
Who could blame me
for refusing to let him
break me completely?

Prompt: A Room Of One’s Own
hosted by the amazing Christine

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Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge August 13-2019

Keep it alive

The setting sun casts ever lengthening shadows

And as it move below the horizon they coalesce

Intoendless darkness, taking over the landscape

Wait patiently till another day arrives

Bringing the bright light to chase away

All the gloom of the dark night

With hopes for a brand new day to start anew


Today’s prompt: Use the words “endless” and “shadows” in a piece of writing

Happy writing!

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Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge August 13-2019



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Lady Liberty Weeps #Poetry #Immigration #Re-Post

Poems for Warriors

Lady Liberty weeps
Her, the Mother of exiles
Her land of humility overcome with pomp
Her true descendants receive
The tired, the poor, the huddled masses

© 2018 Jason A. Muckley

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In my opinion, the United States should return to its roots as a place of welcoming and inviting people from all over the globe, refugees, exiles, the poor, the forsaken of the world. The Statue of Liberty and its inscription, “New Colossus” by poet Emma Lazarus symbolize that sentiment.

I am re-posting this poem as a response to the racism and diabolical immigration policies practiced by our current administration in protest of their inhumane treatment of non-whites from around the world. It is a disgrace.

– Jason

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Kevin Parish

man sitting on white concrete building during daytime

While I ponder the pages

Piqued and persuaded

To go just a little bit more

    It is there that I find

    In the corners of my mind

    What my life has been longing for

      Tucked away neatly

      Not wrapped with a bow

      Was solace, alive and well

        Patiently waiting

        For me to discover

        Then go out in the world and tell

          Tell of the truth

          Of kindness and love

          Embracing the differences, we see

            A lesson so old

            Again, to be told

            By a simple man like me

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            davidbrucehaiku: looking forward

            One Liner Wednesday August 14- 2019

            Keep it alive

            There is a stubbornness about me that never can bear to be frightened at the will of others. My courage always rises at every attempt to intimidate me.

            Jane Austen,Pride and Prejudice

            This quote is by a woman who was a pioneer in her time. But we all can identify with this feeling. I do! How about you?

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            One Liner Wednesday August 14- 2019

            A Prompt by Linda G Hill

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