Self love

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A warm and a tight hug 

can do wonders I have heard

It can lick and suck all your pain

for those who have eternally suffered

It’s that magic potion

that elixir

that have worked wonders 

in the present

and in the past

that secret ingredient 

which has turned the sourest 

of the situations 

into a loving welcome

a bright start.

A deep and welcoming smile 

can make you forget all your worries

it strips you off

your anger and pain

and the stubborn suffering 

you have been carrying

I have learned this all the lessons in the past

but forgot the 

most important of all

to start


by hugging my own heart.


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Acting like a giant

I was too tall to see the rock coming

My head was in the clouds

Stomping my feet

And not getting my way

Shaking the ground as I walked

One little stone

One little thing

Down I went

With no foundation

A tantrum of my over grown feet and hands

Shaking the ground and kicking

Whining and crying with alligator tears

A crowd did gather with pointy fingers and laughing eyes

I puff up my chest and let out a scream

Jump to my feet and stomp to my corner

A finger in both ears and a lalalala to drown out the laughter

I’m spoiled cold rotten

Just me acting like a giant waiting for another stone to fly


Art- Tantrum by Cindy Press

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Next to You

Come and enjoy the beautiful love poem – ” Next To You”


I see myself waking next you

And running my fingers across your beautiful lips as you sleep

I imagine seeing tiny wrinkles appear on your face and loving them

If I know me, I’ll hold you from behind and place tiny kisses on your back while you dream

And I’ll smell your neck and count your every breath

I’ll desperately want to wake you but resist because I know you need your rest

You’re so handsome while you sleep

I’ll cherish this silent moment while I study the art that is your body

And the masterpiece that is your face


Art by Kim(who ever she is)

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Live and In Color

Don’t Miss Linda on the reality of now in “Live And In Color”!!!

Go Dog Go Café

Every day the bleeding away 
Of the nation we once were, 
Compromised and pulverized
Analyzed and televised 
in full color for all the world to see.

What happened to human kindness?
What happened to love another?
What happened to common decency?
What happened to the right for all to live free?

People killed for religious beliefs 
or the different color of their skin,
Innocent children with fertile minds
shot down in front of their friends.

And as we look on in shock at the horror 
unfolding before us every single day,
The hate and violence grows ever stronger
fed by a devious malevolent man 
sitting in the highest office of the land
whose rhetoric is the epitome 
of stochastic terrorism.

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Bananas, Strawberries and Ice-cream

Go Dog Go Café

Late tonight, and I’m listening to my ‘Sia’ music playlist

Pondering my life’s forever twists

Eating, bananas, strawberries and ice-cream

Here beside my bed, covered in poetry dreams

Tullawalla booklets, full of memories and rhymes

I’m not going to cease, writing this time

I heard her singing, “keep writing for me”

“let everyone know, how life should be”

“remain the lover of our trees”

“nurture your flowers for the bees”

“continue swimming in your favourite sea”

“keep your imagination free, for yourself and me”

Yeah, no matter what

I’m not going to stop

While my sky is still up top

I’ve more to write before I finally drop

Ivor Steven (c)  August 2019

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