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Opening the mind!

Keep it alive

“This is blasphemy I tell you”

“Your infatuation with these new ideas”

“Why do you want to bring something different”

“Into what we have been doing since olden times”

“But I beg to differ with respect” he says

“No harm in thinking along new lines”

“To commence a way to contemplate creatively”

“Not traveling the same road all the time”

“Capture new and brilliant ideas”

“Is going to expand your mind along with your vision”

“And I rest my case”

In response to the following prompts;

Your daily word Prompt;






Word of the day Challenge;





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Supreme Court decision: “changed our political system from a democracy to an oligarchy”

Art of Quotation

Carter says he thinks the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision has “changed our political system from a democracy to an oligarchy. Money is now preeminent. I mean, it’s just gone to hell now.”

He says he believes that the nation’s “ethical and moral values” are still intact and that Americans eventually will “return to what’s right and what’s wrong, and what’s decent and what’s indecent, and what’s truthful and what’s lies.”

But, he says, “I doubt if it happens in my lifetime.”

Journalists Kevin Sullivan and Mary Jordan / Source: The Un-Celebrity President

Quoting Jimmy Carter, president on the Supreme Court decision (Citizen’s United, 2010) to allow unlimited corporate/special interests funding for political campaigns/elections.

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