A Dead Man Living

Frank Solanki

I cried myself to sleep

Knowing we’re apart

I woke up in the morning

With a hole in my heart

You are so close to me

Yet you are so far

I wish I could make good

The way that things are

The thoughts in my head are unforgiving

I’m nothing more than a dead man living

I have promised myself

That I will learn to let go

I will try to hold on

To all the things that I know

Sometimes I feel that

Everything’s alright

But I am only kidding

Myself in the night

I am in a state of constant seething

I’m nothing more than a dead man breathing

Should I run back to you?

Should I be running away?

If I change myself would

Fortune turn my way?

One moment I’m hopeful

The next I just quit

I’m fearing every step

Yet I’m scared…

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Thank You For Nothing

Frank Solanki

Thank you for teaching me

How to break a heart

How to kill the feelings inside

How to let go

Thank you for teaching me

That love could be temporary

That love could be impure

That love could be fake

Thank you for showing me

How to make false promises

How to lie to a loved one’s face

How to ignore someone

Thank you for proving

That I am stupid

That I am crazy

That I am weak

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you for everything

Thank you for nothing

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Kevin Parish

Throw light
into the shadows

Cast your visage
to the wind

The long,
long night has ended

As the sun does shine again

bird's view eye photo of rocks surrounded by fogs within mountain range during golden hour
Image Credit

The waters
reflect the beauty

From the peaks
of mountains high

The breeze
is hush upon the glade

A mirror in Nature’s eye

Evening, Reflection, Sunset, Sky, Sea
Image Credit

Snowcaps in the

With nimbus
clouds above

nothing can compare

picturesque parade of love

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Chalkboard Sky

Charmed Chaos


Heat lightning in black chalkboard sky
the dusty air thick, skeleton bone dry
collapse of thunderstorm approaching, comes
haboob, a wall of dust encroaching while
spectral saguaros beg the gray lead clouds
to lighten their burdensome load
as the arid desert cries for relief from searing heat
in the form of cool down pouring rain

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