Promote a Poet/Writer Thursday | August 8, 2019

Come and join in this fun event at the Go Dog Go Cafe! Choose the poem/post you enjoyed most this week and give the author a shout-out at the Cafe’s event. Come check it out!! Be sure to reblog the event page to give your followers a chance to participate too!

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Promote a Poet.Writer Thursday

Welcome to Promote a Poet/Writer Thursday! This is the day of the week where all members of the Go Dog Go Café Community are invited to introduce a Poet or Writer they enjoy reading.

Participating is really fast and simple- in the comments below, post the link for the Home Page of the Poet/Writer you are introducing to us and tell us briefly why you think they are special.

We encourage all of you to visit these blogs (or social media pages) and get acquainted with some great new writers.  You never know who you might meet. . .

Happy reading!

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Soul Speak

Charmed Chaos

Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak. –Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

With a gentle tap of the tiny mallet
the iron bell rings, echoing
a long soothing note drifting on air
until the next soft strike
for to begin and end the meditation
Ring the temple bell in threes.

Breath is but a part of it,
the stilling of the raucous mind
an anxious heart should slow
to a steady thrumming
and enter the realm of divine
to hear the soul whisper.

Abstract ideas may come
and go like waters flowing
over and around worn weathered rocks
honor your thoughts, then let them go
like the deep green river flowing
be the heavy river stone,
buried in cool wet earth.

With awareness of every deep breath,
a brilliant sacred light shines from within
your soul will provide answers you seek
to soothe your tormented heart
and fill it…

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Word of the Day Challenge

The Word of the Day is Sanctify

Write a Poem, story or anecdote, inspired by this word.

Please create a pingback to your post by including a link to this page in whatever you are posting.

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Most Importantly, Have Fun.

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davidbrucehaiku: abstinence



the tale of my life
marred with working class dreams
and making ends meet
and violent boys
and skipping dinners I didn’t deserve

if it’s really true that we all have our own burdens to carry
and some are invisible and some are so terribly heavy
I hope that the words I write down and the stories I tell
of every bad thing that’s ever happened to me
become someone else’s survival guide
in how to be thrown into the depths
when you swore you weren’t the drowning type
and learning how to swim to shore.

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