Play Dates

Secret Thoughts Within

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I heard my sister’s voice in my head,
“Have fun today” she kindly said.
So I’ll let my inner child play,
Not giving my logic any say.

Would you like to play as well?
What we’ll get up to I can not tell.
Any suggestion that you submit,
Today, I’ll just go along with it.

You like to play and play it hard,
Mischief is definitely on the cards.
I will answer yes, instead of no.
There’s no knowing where we’ll go.

Let’s run amok and cause some trouble,
We’ll be together, so make it double.
Free, flying, running wild,
Time to release the inner child.

These thoughts they fill my heart with glee,
Oh will you come and play with me?

A bit of lighthearted whimsy for us all today. 💜 Who else wants to play and leave their troubles behind?

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