10 Free online poetry classes/workshops

Trish Hopkinson

Regardless of whether or not you have acquired a formal education that included poetry, poetry exercises and workshops with other poets can be invaluable in finding new approaches, discovering new poets, and honing your craft. Below is a list of poetry workshops that are free online. If you don’t mind some monetary investment, there are some fine paid workshops ($150 – $350) online as well—generally small class sizes that run several weeks with lots of personal feedback and instruction. I’ll mention my favorites here: The Poetry Barn, Wychwood Writers Workshop, and The Loft all have excellent instructors and I’ve enjoyed and learned so much from the courses I’ve taken.

Free Online Poetry Classes/Workshops

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Nobody is perfect

Give – Nobody Is Perfect a read!!!

Rhapsody Bohème

Don’t be so hard on yourself, nobody is perfect. And while it’s ok to strive for your best version, don’t forget about the occasional shortcomings and be quick to forgive yourself and others. Fact is….

Nobody is perfect. We make mistakes. We say the wrong things. We do the wrong things. We fall. We get up. We learn. We grow. We move on. We live.

If you have wronged someone, apologize, but also consider these 4 mistakes you should hold your apology for.

  • Making decisions for yourself and putting your needs first. This is a tough one, and one I continue to learn. I naturally put others first, to the point of it draining my own energy. Balance is the key here, and if you have a strong desire to help others, it’s also essential to remember that you are no good to anyone if you don’t take care of…

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Paul Harvey: arthritis pain cure — soak golden raisins in gin — eat nine a day | Joan Nielsen McHale The Good News Writes Again

Check out these tips, trick and home remedies,
Paul Harvey’s Arthritis cure worked for my step-father!!!

Good News Social,Joan Nielsen McHale shares stories from The Miami Herald, The Miami News, Women’s Wear Daily. The Kennedy family, The White House.

Source: Paul Harvey: arthritis pain cure — soak white raisins in gin — eat nine a day | Joan Nielsen McHale The Good News Writes Again