#Haibun: Fleeting

Charmed Chaos

Image by Amber Dawn from Pixabay

It’s a beautiful morning for a walk with my dog. The birds are singing, the temperature is in the low 70’s which is unusual for the desert this time of year. The cool breeze kisses the nape of my neck like a long dead lover.

These early walks are a time for deep thought and reflection. You see, I have cancer. Although it is an indisputable fact, I find it hard to believe. Other than fatigue, I don’t feel any different. I am not sure if the fatigue is from the cancer, the stress, or the idea of it living inside me. Next week, I have surgery and begin a new path to recovery.

I turn the corner to head home, and as I do, I pass a tall pine tree. I smell the resin from its needles; the air is cooler under its…

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Can – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


Photo: found on Pinterest

“If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.” Malcom X


Line in the sand confronts me,
faint as it is its silence mocks me
as I stand before it,
there is no ferryman,
no bridge of rhetoric 
can traverse it,
only the contrite are close,
but a person of integrity 
can easily cross.

©Paul Vincent Cannon

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I think of how freedom tastes like
a crisp sparkling soda
where the sun meets sand
head meets heart
these are the places I always go
when the light shines on the back of my hands

today, especially
I remember that our paths aren’t all the same
that my skin tone is in itself, a token of value
one that grants freedom
the benefit of the doubt
a price that others often find themselves paying

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more than years ~



will e’er there be
a dream too small –
or warmth left unimagined
as trade for love –
we waited more
than years

as witness
to some other dawn
where once we gave a promise
returning life –
from moments
scattered here

remnants of
a million lights –
stars we called by name
vows we made
ten thousand years

another time
the heart decides
each coming back to love –
reminders of
the only truth
I know

. . .

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Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Nuggets of Gold

Good Morning! The last day of June and its going to be a pretty hot one! My flowers are still hanging on, though I am afraid that the one is done, but it lasted 2 months at least! It has perked up before and surprised me, so we will see. With as hot as it will be today it would make a perfect day for the beach, but …. will have to just keep dreaming for now. That day will come though! The first quote describes where my mind is! What is your mind dreaming of today?

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