Dancing with the Rose

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Yesterday a Rose

Dance within her rosy hues

She will tease you with her scent

Exquisiteness seduces before your eyes

The intoxicating essence remains present


Harmony as her petals fall away

her soul laid bare

Potent yet vulnerable

Dancing around an impassioned affair


A circle of Intimacy

Spiralling, then wilting

A rare beauty faded

Heady nakedness



Blooming and re-opening


Even when exposed


Every rose has thorns

“If you enjoy the fragrance of a rose, you must accept the thorns which it bears.” – Isaac Hayes

A rose’s rarest essence lives in the thorn.” – Rumi

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Be the sunshine

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Are we falling out of ourselves. Losing what was? Perhaps? Perhaps not!

Please remember this is just a chapter of our current story, the one of survival and growth, from when this story began.

Every day you have a task, that task is to find laughter, joy and happiness in everything you do.

With every new dawn i awake and I think about something great that is going to happen in my day.

With every opening of my eyes, of every morning, I see a sweet little face looking into mine and there is the first of many smiles for my day.

I have talked to so many people, who are struggling with anxiety. You worry about your endurance through COVID, about what will be, worry that you are not doing something right. You along with everyone else. We all have our doubts and insecurities. You are doing it perfectly!…

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“Lonely Itch Go Away”



I am fine the way I am. I must heal from the last hurt. Lonely Itch go away.
I need just me for now. Do not tempt me to go back to what was left behind.
It was left behind for a reason, so stop letting me forget.
Do not remind me of the good memories on this moment of solitude.
You make me weak.
Do remind me of my sadness even when I wasn’t alone.
Remind me of the pressures my heart endured.
Remind me of all the broken words.
Remind me of the games,indecisions,immaturities, insecurities,
selfishness,Me the perfect doormat and all of the things that brought me to this moment.
If you remind me of all of these things, I assure you that my itch will disappear. 
No better remedy to cure my “jumping out of my skin because Im so alone phase”
than knowing the real truths.
Loneliness please…

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