One who rejoices at another’s hurt is an enemy of all



When your enemy falls,
do not rejoice.
When your enemy stumbles,
do not be glad.

Your glee will corrupt you,
your ego will trick you into thinking
that you are different from him.
You will excuse your evil,
and your fate will be as hers.

One who rejoices at another’s hurt
is an enemy of all.”

Wisdom of the Jewish Sages: A Modern Reading of Pirke Avot by Rabbi Rami Shapiro

Text and image source: The Lights of Kabbalah

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Something important

A Faded Romantic's Notebook

I was going to write

something important, relevant, meaningful and deep

something incisive, prophetic, intuitive and bold

something intelligent, articulate, perceptive and wise

something that would make you see me

in a different light.

But all I can think about

is removing your clothes.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

This post is four years old, but the sentiment and the desire burn bright.

Art by Paul Boswijk

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Texas Roots

Charmed Chaos

“You can take the girl out of Texas, but you can’t take the Texas out of the girl.”Janine Turner

I didn’t have a typical childhood. It was one spent moving from place to place, never living anywhere for long. The one and only constant besides my dear mother was the fact that up until I was 39, I spent most of my life living in Texas. No matter where I may roam, it will always be home.

Home. Where people still sit on a porch and drink ice tea and listen to the crickets sing. Every Sunday, there is a pot of beans on the stove seasoned with salt pork and onions; the smell hangs in the humid air. Summers are hot and sticky in the South but that didn’t stop us from playing until all hours of the evening. I recall hot nights filled with fireflies…

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The Hollow Dark

Sarah Doughty

“When I am falling apart,
a hollowness begins to set in.
That’s how this darkness feels.”

When I am falling apart, a hollowness begins to set in. It feels like a still lake in the midst of a clear night in the fall. The dark ripples lap at the shore, and you can only see the silhouette of things drifting along the surface. That’s how this emptiness feels. That’s how this darkness feels. Bottomless. Limitless. And that is when I feel like nothing can go right. But if I look close enough, I can see stars glittering against that same surface. I can see the crescent of the moon. Rippling, too. In moments like that, I’m reminded that hollow darkness is only temporary.

© Sarah Doughty

It is only temporary.

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for this ~



how is it
we’ve forgotten
all for this
was trade –
a life of hurts
another one to heal

do you remember
the ways
you loved me –

might I choose to love you

else memory forsake –
the will to live again
to reason
one more season –
will I stay

love adores
the dreamer –
how can I resist
our first hello
is just a breath

. . .

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