After Years Of Mistakes Here Are My Truths 🤗💖


1.) I would rather live in the pain of the truth then the comfort of Falseness and lies!!

2.) Riches to me are not the size of your wallet BUT the size of your heart ♥

3.) Love is everything 💜 when it is REAL and gentle and unconditional. It is unreal no matter what words are spoken when it is filled with control and manipulations, conditions and stipulations.

4.) I’d rather love a person whom I can laugh with have silly fun with and dance the night away. Who could look and wish upon a star with me and have a picnic in the park, who I can kiss for hours and feel every heartbeat ❤ I would take all that over expensive vacations!!

True love is giving up everything there is no distance no person nothing or noone that can stop two people who are meant to be…

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Keep hope my heart


Keep hope my heart
for in this wayward journey
of infinite possibilities
the sadness that grips you
shall pass
keep hope my heart
and wish upon the stars
that travelled so far
to light the darkness
from a world apart
Keep hope my heart
for you are still beating
with love, with dreams, with life…
keep hope my heart. 

poetry and photography copyright neha 2015 poetry and photography copyright neha 2015

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