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sailing-boat-596462__340FORGIVE – FORGET

Can we forgive ourselves
wrong choices and mistakes,
smile at decisions that shone?
Both part of learning and growth.

Part of the fabric of life.

Can we forgive others for pain they caused,
foul actions and words?
Not brood or let them darken our days?
Can we hurl burdens overboard.

How easy the ship would sail, unladed.

I believe we can forgive,
I wonder, what about forget?
How would it feel to toss all darkness to the winds.

Would the sun shine brighter
would we skip with joy?

Our brain holds memories,
can there still be acceptance and peace?
I believe so,
we can put the millstones down
one by one.

Don’t be slaves, carrying weights long gone;
Let them be absorbed by Cosmos so vast,
where neither time nor thought exist.

Imagine to feel free,
feel the joy of dance
see the sunset, really behold.


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It’s a good Bye Kiss

Beans, Pen & Nirja

It was nearly dusk when I left for bus station. On my way, the chilly wind of the december winter moved my hair every time I tried to put it behind my ears.  I was tired of trying so I left the air play with my hair. Rather than tired, I was devastated with myself that I didn’t want to do anything. The grief of my life always follows me like a shadow.

I was there sitting alone in between the crowd of many strangers. I was looking continuously towards the way from which the bus would come.

Then, suddenly I felt his presence besides me. Suddenly I was all teary with my heart filled out when he sat right next to me. I couln’t bear to look at him. We faced other side.

He then held my hand with both of his and I could not stop myself from…

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in everything I love ~



does it worry you the same
when darkness calls my name
do you lie awake
to wonder where I am
time wears against the soul
as storms around us roll
the dream endures
where to go

though it’s been a while
it seems ten thousand miles
I feel your touch
in everything I love
when a breath of morning dew
returns my thoughts
to you
twilight fades
and I am pulled to home

. . .

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Pieces Of Safety

Sarah Doughty

“If I knew what life would bring you,
I would have tried to keep you safe.”

If I knew the things that troubled you late into the night, I would’ve made more than just a simple dream catcher. I would’ve showed you how to face your fears. How to do the impossible, and act instead of stay frozen in indecision. If I knew the life you would lead and all the pain that would come with it, I would’ve tried to keep your innocence just a little longer. If only I knew what I know now, maybe, just maybe, you would have come out the other side intact.

© Sarah Doughty

But now,
I’m in just as many
pieces as you.

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