Tainted soul


Every night when I would put my babies to sleep

I would whisper, “you remain you, pure and innocent

don’t let the world tarnish your pristine sheen”

but alas it couldn’t be so!

as they grew up I was the first

to soil their pure soul with a teeny-weeny spot

when I taught them to be wary of strangers

then their teacher crumpled their soul a bit

when she favoured those brighter than them

or when their father reminded them that

they were luckier than others

to have food on their table

gradually as they grew older

someone or the other who was family or friend

tainted their soul bit by bit

and left their mark

branding and distorting their soul

infinitesimally every time

believe me it was all done with good intentions always

for that was our way of teaching values

their well-being the foremost thought

in our collective…

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Poetry published in the Poetry Quarterly Winter 2018 – a print magazine by Prolific Press

Megha's World

I’m beyond excited to see my words in print again in one of the esteemed poetry journal printed by the Prolific PressPoetry Quarterly.

Prolific Press publishes 8 respected literary journals. Each journal publishes different literature, and each has a different flair.

Poetry Quarterly’s mission is to support poets and poetry by maintaining a professional venue for education and publication. They publish beautiful issues in paperback, and e-issues for our subscribers online.

Following is the link to the winter edition.

Happy blogging!

Megha Sood

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Lasting Alone

Sarah Doughty

“Loneliness gets me sometimes.
But I know it won’t last forever.”

This loneliness gets me sometimes. When the night is silent, except for the sounds of the breeze whispering against my window. When not even the moon peeks beyond the clouds in greeting. Those are the nights when my heart behind to search for you. It’s when my mind begins to run wild. When I feel as though nothing is there to hear me. But then I remember this loneliness will not last forever.

© Sarah Doughty

It never does.

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