Reena Saxena

I share a lot with this roaring repository of secrets – waves
crashing against the shore, leaving some there in open view, then pulling them
back again…. Will anybody ever know the
depth of my thoughts or the speed at which I decided to change them?

The only difference being – I long for a shore to dock my
innermost treasures…..

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Poetry published in Marias at Sampaguitas – ” The sky is like me” and “I lose my self to the ocean”

Megha's World

So excited to see my two poems published in the Philippines bases Poetry journal Marias at Sampaguitas. So thankful to the editor in chief Keana Marie Águila Labra-Asunción for publishing and supporting my work. I’m thrilled to be published alongside Wanda Deglane, Kristian Garth, the writers I totally adore.

The title of the magazine is in the dialect, Tagalog, of the Philippines, translating to “Marias and Sampaguitas,” ‘Maria’ being the christened name for a Filipina, a Filipino woman, and ‘Sampaguita’ being the national flower of the Philippines.

You can read my poems here.

Happy blogging!

Megha Sood

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