Tea Time Talk – #4 #TeaTimeTalk

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

Well, here we are again, the week is over, and I’m so happy to see you! Grab your tea, iced or hot, and let’s talk! If you’d like to bring along any snacks, please feel free.  I saved the comfy seat just for you.  🙂

If we were sipping tea and talking I would tell you: the week started off pretty normally.  After food shopping, we had a lovely afternoon together. I wish I had the time for more days like this.

If we were sipping tea and talking I would tell you: I saw the doctor, had blood tests done and was surprised by how well my numbers are!  I’m very happy.  So aside from the every day nuisances, the rest of me seems to be doing okay.

If we were sipping tea and talking I would tell you: my dear friend Miriam has a promotion for her book…

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Sunday sketching in Valois

Shari Blaukopf's Sketchbook

Ah, can you hear that sigh of relief? It’s finally warm enough to sketch in my car again without turning into a block of ice. I set out this morning for Valois Village, and by the time I got there it was almost warm enough to crack open the car window a bit.

Laviolette is a popular corner store that’s instantly recognizable to people who know Valois well. I chose it because it’s the most colourful thing I could find in the neighbourhood. March days can be grey, even when the sun is out. There’s no sign of life in the trees and the snow that’s still on the ground is pretty dirty, so any bit of colour helps liven up a sketch. And of course if there are a few utility poles and wires in the scene, I’m a happy sketcher.

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Empty Space

Musings Of An Autistic Mind

Look, I didn’t know to think
when I met you I thought I’d give it
Two seconds and then you’d be
Another girl to aid subconscious remedy
But there was something else about you
That made me believe
There was more to this girl
Than my eye could see
Sit down and think
About all memories, the space we shrink
With messages about our future and past
Virgo and Cancer, born to last?
Black and white, I rewrite family norm
Because I was meant to be more
When I was born, I was put here for
Greater goals than to live, work, and die
I’m here to do more than believe all the lies
Standing still they are, always in one place
With my words I ascend into empty space

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Furry Little Gift

Roth Poetry


Over the weekend I found some old slides of our kitten we got back in 1993. He had a lot of love to give us, and we had much to learn from him. Boxes, bags and newspapers were his favorite things. He would play hard and then take a nap. Then he was back at it for a second round. Problem was he racee up and down the stairs at !0:30 at night, right after we went to bed.  He was with us for the next fifteen years. We loved him dearly.

Play hard // take a nap
A balanced life // play and rest
A lesson to learn


No care in the world
For us // cares overwhelming
Learn to live and love


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

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Love Poems- Words from Heart

I met a magician one summer, and he cast a spell on me,
He became my meaning of romance, he became my love in poetry.
He changed my world around, merged my sun and moon,
I saw rainbows amidst twinkling stars, there was nothing he couldn’t do.
He said I was his twin flame, he sparked embers with his words,
Kissed me in the pouring rain, hypnotised me in a way unheard.
He stood by me when I felt alone, gave me new reasons to smile,
Through thick and thin, he hugged me close, close to his chest every night.
Winters rolled in and his enchantment grew, he slowly became my addiction,
And now his voice held me captive, he became my favourite season.
He says I have cast a spell on him, to which I do not agree,
For if you will ever hear him read his poems, girls…

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