Unconditional Love

Charmed Chaos

When I was a human I was unloved and unwanted. On my deathbed, I made a wish; to come back as a dog. And it happened, here I am wrapped in a blanket, loved beyond reason. You want to know what’s funny? As a human I never knew you had to love unconditionally in order to be loved.

Kat is the host of Twittering Tales and our challenge is to write a story in 280 characters or less based on the photo prompt. If you want to join in, here is the link: Like Mercury Colliding

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Pic : Self

often dilute,

the intensity
of emotions,

and there are
times i wish,

i had a better
option available,

i don’t,

so i often
express myself,

in borrowed

and stolen

for though
my love,

should have

a self

in itself,

which was

meant to be

into dry
readable emotions,

but i

this sin,

of diluting
the intensity,

of that
which burns within,

by a display
of words,


may also
seem to rhyme,

but in reality
is nothing more,

than a

of those
far deeper emotions,

which remain

but unfelt

which exist
in an essence,

that is essentially
without a form.

© vidursahdev 2019

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Down the Memory Lane


I was walking down the memory lane

with trepidation and fear

Jangling my pocket full of

memories to peak and peer

Long had I dithered

taking the half forgotten paths

Was spooked at the thoughts

of old buried wraths

Kept telling myself, would do it

when I had the time to spare

Alas! Lacking courage

taking this road I did not dare

The first memory I pulled out

made me smile with pure joy!

For who can ever forget the mate

who shared her prized toy?

The next one was smooth and shiny

Because its constantly used

This friend I still call

When I am hurt or confused.
The one that I pull out of pocket now

has rough and jagged ends

It still hurts to recall the bitter fights

With those who were supposedly friends.
Ah! I so well remember that day,

My sole claim to glory

When I…

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davidbrucehaiku: pleasure centers

Time for a Smile Break!

Nuggets of Gold

Today was a good day for ducks! A dreary, rainy day, but you can always find smiles if you look for them, and these pics made me smile. I hope they do for the same for you, sometimes you just need to take a SMILE BREAK! Share something that makes you smile in the comments below. You can feel free to share captions for these pictures as well. All pictures are thanks to Pinterest, the site that has just about anything!


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Monsters And Survivors

Sarah Doughty

“And you know what?
I deserve to be treated like I matter.
Because I do.”

Maybe it’s naïvety to trust someone who should be a friend. Maybe it’s just the good parts of me hoping that there is good in others. That maybe, I am not a means to an end. Something to be used, rather than cherished for who I am. But, I think that’s what sets me apart from those who take advantage of others. I lived through hell. And rather than spreading my pain around, I choose to be light. Good. I choose to rise above and beyond better. And you know what? I deserve to be treated like I matter. Because I do.

© Sarah Doughty

No one deserves to be used,
bullied, or otherwise hurt.

Monsters and survivors
are mutually exclusive.

I survived hell.
I can certainly survive you.

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