Simply Me

As the time ticked chiming it’s regular sound of presence, tick tock, tick tock,

I noticed the hours pass by and the world did just that too,

I observed each passerby, every single one of them, just incase they noticed me too.

The old, the young, the small, the hurt, the happy and those who showed no emotion at all too.

Immersed in their lives, and busy with these beastly, booming little gadgets, operating like machines, from whom they seemed to require refuelling very often,

They held them with such love and affection, incase it’s feelings were hurt, or felt lost or lonely by their absence.

Suckling on their senseless minds as the time continued to remind them of its presence, ‘tick tock, that it was still existent, just like those around them too.

I continued looking on maybe I’d garner even a ‘hi’ today, if that was too much…

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On Razors edge

Savvy Raj

My reflections on the stunning capture of the Cherry blossom Tree on Mount Fuji in Japan.

On the razors edge , there is poignant elegance

Beautiful poise, precariously in balance

Amidst the fury of the fire raging beneath

She stand resolute in her calmth

Not helpless but in knowing Nature’s ways

That in time all is well back to base

Beauty on the outside burns off into the ember

Leaving an ashen pile of dust to remember

Yet deluding the fury in being uprooted

In the strength of the grounding firmly rooted

Leaving an evergreen picture of poise

She has that stoic stance of grace

A pose of composure on destiny’s face

In spite of a life abruptly denied

She is the beauty of Grace personified !

Savvy Raj

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Be The Music ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

Walt's Writings

When your problems overpower you
And you can’t sleep
Just close your eyes
And be the music
Listen to the lyrics
Let them carry you away
Don’t speak, just listen
Be the music
Feel the beat
Sway to the rhythm
Let yourself go
Just be the music
It will soothe your soul
The music is me, the music is you
Write your own words to the melody
Be the music
Lean back and remember
Sing out loud, sing out clear
Feel your problems disappear
As you let yourself
Be the music

~The Tennessee Poet~
©Walt Page 2019 All Rights Reserved

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Hold Me – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


Appease – Word of the Day



Hold Me

Sucker punched,
gasping for air
I staggered,
then the searing pain
of the knife between my ribs,
your words are sometimes like that,
like murder,
but then, mine too,
so, hold me
just as I’m holding you,
only love can soothe
such deep wounds.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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