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A Fading Flame – A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

Walt's Writings

I am like a fading flame
Slowly dimming into darkness
Once burning brightly
Lighting up a room
Now a fading memory
Of glory days gone by
Lately I have not been myself
I feel like I’m fading to grey
Like the color of storm clouds
That get darker and darker
I’m fading into myself
And fading into you
Like the fading lyrics
Of a forgotten song

And then I sleep

Happy New Year Everyone!!

~The Tennessee Poet~
©Walt Page 2019 All Rights Reserved

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‘The lovely silence’


The lovely silence
The real poets and writers know. The silence is golden. Words become meaningless in the midnight hours. True lovers don’t need to speak. They allow their mouth, hands and body to send their message of need to their lovers.

Sweet lady whispered please don’t say nothing and her soft hands danced on willing skin of her lover. In the midnight hours, lovers don’t seek permission. They open their minds, hearts and body. They don’t take and steal. They give and expose willing places and skin. They are willing to climb the mountain of wild and deep passion. Three a.m lovers don’t seek forgiveness and repair. They seek solemn place where lips and body become one till the morning light.

Pretty woman eyes filled with love and hope. Perfect words said to lucky man. In the quiet of the night. We can be saviors, takers and givers. We…

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Breaking the Mold

Confab With Me

Dancing to the rhythm of the devil’s mind,
gyrating to every tune that it sardonically defines
bending every rule ever created with grit
she defied every truth
for she was a rebel
fighting the long braided societal norms

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