Wise Words Wednesday 01.23.19

Vintage Sapience

“Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it you can never get it back.”

-Harvey Mackay

Sometimes we realise the importance of time when it has passed. And the value of some things or people after they have gone from our life. If we could change that a little bit and be more perceptive to change, and thoughts – we could live a more balanced, happier life. 🙂

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Carrying Hope

Sarah Doughty

“If nothing else, I’ll carry hope for you.
Because to me, that’s all that you are.”

Oh love. You still have hope. If nothing else, I’ll carry it for you. Even in those moments when you feel like it’s nothing but a distant memory.

Because to me, you are hope. You are an endless supply of it. An ocean, not of sadness, but deep and every droplet is a bit of hope you can’t help but shine into the world. How every wave is a good intention. How every storm brewing over those waters are nothing more than a means to stir the tides and drown out anything that hopes to ruin everything hope stands for.

You are peace. You are infinite. And you constantly leave me in awe.

© Sarah Doughty

How can you not see
how beautiful that is?

For my moon sisters.

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By Dr. Debbie Engelmann

Because, if we choose to call “an issue” a challenge rather than “crisis”;
Because, we can look at hardship as an opportunity rather than an obstacle;
Because, we can ask, “what did I learn that makes me better?”;
Because, we can take a breath and do the difficult things;
Because, our courage does not depend on the weather,
the economic forecast or a whim;
Because, we choose to know the most significant
elements of life are laughter, learning, and giving our finest effort to each endeavor;
Because of these things, each morning is a pleasure and every day a success.

Dr. Engelmann says, “As a writer and natural intuitive healer, my purpose is to guide others on their path of finding peace within themselves through my writing and sometimes through my practice.  To help ‘wounded souls’ open their hearts and shine their unique light upon…

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Clowns and Vagabonds

Please come read – Clowns And Vagabonds


By Mark Tulin

I am a pushover.
I let people call themselves my friends.
I give clowns and vagabonds permission
to insult me, stomp on my pride.

I sleep with them.
Feed them meals I can’t afford.
Call them when I’m lonely.
Lend them money I don’t have
and tuck them in at night.

I let them flourish like invasive plants
ravaging my soul, pillaging my goodwill
until eventually,
they take everything I own.

If only I had a backbone.
That elusive thing called courage.
I’d draw the line clear and strong
and change the locks on my heart’s door.

Mark Tulin finds richness in the lives of the neglected and disenfranchised. He has a poetry chapbook called Magical Yogis.

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Readers Choice – Best of 2018

Come read 2018 Favorite Quotes!

Art of Quotation

Your Favorite Quotes of 2018

Aretha Franklin, Mary Oliver, Stephen Hawking,
Cameron Kasky, Bob Dylan, Martin Luther King Jr.,
Sister Wendy Beckett, R.J. Palacio/Dr Wayne W. Dyer,
Nancy Wilson, Harry Leslie Smith, Donald McCaig,
Pat de Groot, Henri Rousseau, Seth Godin,
Muriel Spark, Jae C. Hong, Melinda Gates

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