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I’m So Very Happy To Announce That My Poem – “You Are My Forever And Always” Has Been Published In The Magazine Ariel Chart – January Edition.  I’d Be Honored If You Checked It Out!

It’s My First Published Poem!!

Come Check Out Ariel Chart And View Their Submission Guidelines  If You Have An Interest In Seeing Your Work Published.


Here to stay

The Journey of My Left Foot (whilst remembering my son)

Saturday 12th January


My love for you is here to stay

It will not wither or fade away

I smile at memories every day

Really is nothing else to say


Love you forever sweetheart

My heavenly Angel son


Hanging out the laundry!

Perfect location

So quiet and peaceful

Sitting in the shade beneath the palms

Clear waters today


A fiery glow

Pink clouds

Just so good the soul… Watching another beautiful sunset


A final flare

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Always dance

Jane Dougherty Writes

Before doing anything else (apart from taking dog out for morning business, cleaning out woodstoves, lighting one, having a cup of coffee, putting the groceries away, feeding the birds, watering the cats indoors and plants outdoors, going down to the stream to hang up a squirrel treat in a poplar tree), I needed to listen to the Oracle. Glad I did.

Always dance like cats play,screen shot 2019-01-12 at 11.55.25

with the rhythm of life,

linger about green growing things,

and look for peace in the wet grass.

Listen to the voices of the trees,

remember, only hard hearts

are deaf to the music of the stars

and live as prisoners of the night.

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