Little does she know

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Little does she knowIt will end before it will start;Little does she knowIt will leave cracks in her heart;Little does she knowThe traditions always die down slowly;Little does she knowit's still a knot, even it is holy;Little does she knowWounds are always scraped more;Little does she knowevery person is nothing but a voyeur;Little does she knowthis  game always ends in deadlock;Little does she knowshe is not part of the flock;
Little does she knowThere is nowhere to hide forever;Little does she knowher pain has surrounded her;Little does she knowShe stopped feeling somehow;Little does she knowThe smiles are all phony;Little does she knowYou always end up lonely. Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

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Three poems published in the Blognostics -“Audacity”, “Orphan” and “Acceptance is a colorless offering”

Megha's World

Delighted to know that three of my dearest poems found their home in the warm space of the Blognostice Poetry Journal. Really thankful to the editor Jessica Grant for giving me the opportunity and supporting my work.

Blognostics is an independent literary organization committed to poetry, creative writing, and art. They are dedicated to bringing you unique possibilities through interactive publishing and new dimensions of writing and art.

Read my poem “Audacity“. The other two poems will be published soon.

Happy blogging!

Megha Sood

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Many Lifetimes to Come

Come enjoy Shantanu’s – Many Lifetimes To Come

Confab With Me

I held her close to my thoughts,
made her the nucleus of my world,
she remained the gift I cherished
in every leaf of my beautiful life

I had her always on my mind,
and it didn’t matter what I did,
or what views the mind assumed,
she never deserts me
for she took a permanent space
in my throbbing heart

While I reposed she became my dream,
and when awake my sole force,
and it didn’t matter
whether she was there in person or not
her smiles stayed with me days and nights

And I knew
because of her aura
I will remain in bliss
for many lifetimes to come

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

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I cannot make it

Go Dog Go Café

I came across the story of a young girl, who chose assisted suicide, due to her health problems. It is legal in her country. The story was moving, and inspired a poem.

I love you all

And I love this world

I love Life

I love the idea of being in love

But I know

I cannot make it.

Living in this body

wears and tears me out

pain bursting from inside

patience is burning out.

It promises Rebirth

Death sure has a clout.

To find God

Or a mother again

It promises a new start,

This is not a goodbye

I may see you again

with a prettier face and heart.

I am happiness

I am a spirit of joy

Let me experience

the lightness of being.

The spell of the unbound

till I choose to break it.

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Fates And Coincidences


Sarah Doughty

Photo credit @lauramakabresku.

“I don’t believe in coincidences anymore.
Because I have you.”

And we found each other. Through the darkness. After years of growing, choices, tragedies, triumphs, and failures, we met. At long last. Perhaps there were regrets or even memories we wished we could erase from our lives. But we couldn’t deny the instant we met. When our worlds collided into one. Somehow, I knew, that whatever those dark parts of us were there before were suddenly lit aglow like a bioluminescent firefly just after the last day’s light faded from the sky. They weren’t parts to be ashamed. They weren’t choices to be regretted. Because we found each other. And I knew, on some level, you felt the same.

© Sarah Doughty

I don’t believe in coincidences anymore.
Because I have you.
So you see, you changed
everything for the better.
Fate dealt the cards.

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