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I’m breathing you in
exhaling out
taking puffs of you
and making clouds.

I’m drunk on you
intoxicated by your love
with wine-stained lips
I’m calling out your name

Can’t get more of you
seeping you into my soul
churning my love out.
I’m high on you

Am feeling dizzy
dreaming of us together
swirling around
in squeals of joy
and drenched in
your wet kisses

Stained with the ashes
of our burning together
in the throes of passion
sharing the drag
of intimacy;
addicted to you
turning the illusion of love
into reality

With those dreamy eyes
in a blissed-out body
Who needs a puff, anyways
When I’m high on you, baby.

Photo by Bart Scholliers on Unsplash
This post is in response to the daily prompt  Candid

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A Safe Place To Rest

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Sarah Doughty

“You showed me that my heart
had a safe place to rest. With you.”

If only I was brave enough. To not let all the what ifs and obstacles stand in my way. To follow my heart, no matter the outcome. To not let my own walls stop me from breaking through. I suppose that’s my only regret. The not knowing. Not knowing what was in front of me, waiting the whole time. Not knowing what would happen if I lost someone that meant so much to me. But slowly, you showed me that my fears didn’t need to be shackles. You turned out to be right. You showed me that love can overcome any obstacle. You showed me that no matter what, you were here for me. That I was strong enough to face my fears. That I was enough to be loved by you. And that no matter…

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davidbrucehaiku: life projects

My Moon

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Moon I’ve seen you

Oh so many times in oh so many places,

While in many moods, with different admirations,

But you never change, while I’ve changed a lot—-

I’ve seen a lot, I’ve lived a lot.

So many things I’ve loved

Aren’t good for me,

And what I once hated,

I now must do daily.

It’s been a joy to become me,

And how I reminisce?

By looking in you, in solitude, walking, sitting, outside, inside, laying on my side in bed.

Maybe we’ll be together one day, the way

Water evaporates into its cloud…

Maybe we won’t…

Who knows?

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