By Charles Robert Lindholm

if you’ve never had it
you never miss it
but once you’ve had it
you miss it

you are chocolate to me
and I miss it
            the smell
            the taste
            the creamy smooth texture

sinfully delicious
sensual sweetness
exquisitely delightful

you are chocolate to me
you have created a craving
a pleasure
a joy
a satisfaction

and I miss it

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – The Reluctant Poet
All Rights Reserved – Please Come View My Archives!!

10 thoughts on “CHOCOLATE TO ME

  1. Oh wow. This is I am satisfied and at the same time craving for more. Another excellent piece from you sir. And muse and I were once inspired to write. Thank you, thank you!

    I have been on a hiatus and will be reading more of your posts the soonest!

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    1. Well, I for one am thrilled that You are back!! You and Your Muse are so wonderful together! Inspired to write? Really? Now I am the one Craving to know, craving to see! You and Your Muse are addictive to me!!! Ha!

      I have another piece of Yours I would like to reblog but would like to speak with You about it first? Email me. Please.

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      1. Ha! It’s chocolate and romance mixed in a bowl as inspired by your piece. I hope you enjoy utz You, sir, and your Calliope do inspire us to write. 😁

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        1. Hi, I posted a comment from my ipad but it didn’t come through? What is utz? I am really so glad You are inspired from anything I write. Perhaps we could talk our Muses into letting us write together???

          I am wanting to reblog A Tagalog Poem: Hahanapin Kita the english version. Do You have a separate web address for this on WP and an English title? I really love this piece. Please let me know? Thanks Maria!!!


    1. Yes, Your words are so true! “deliciously irresistible”. Yes that captures it. If You look in the dictionary isn’t chocolate listed as one of the definitions of Sin? Ha! Thanks so much for commenting and supporting my blog. I so appreciate it!!!


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