A Soulful Duet ~

We are so happy that Maria of Doodles and scribbles is back to present us with a delicious dessert in the amazingly delicate, simple and moving piece “A Soulful Duet”. I was happy to see that even a few words of mine could possibly be a seed of inspiration to Maria for this poem! Please enjoy a “Soulful Duet”!


A Soulful Duet

Your words were
the soft breeze that tickled
my ears. They whispered
sweet nothings, and I melted
at the hum of your love.

The ribs which caged
my heart, crumbled at the sound
of our song. And this promise
that the wind has brought
will be a soulful duet.

Between two faraway hearts
but never apart.

© 2017 Maria. All Rights Reserved.

Image Source: Favim

This poem was inspired by a piece entitled, Whispered Reassurances, by Chuck of The Reluctant Poet. Please feel free to check this beautiful poem and the rest of his works. Muse and I just couldn’t resist but write an answer to it.

Also, I noticed some of my blogger friends, Vanessa, D, Gina, and Chuck himself, are meeting at a place called, Go Dog Go Café. Anyone who’s up for a cup of macchiato or perhaps…

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Feeling Stuck? So Dream ~ Then Do

Please if you do nothing else all day today – Please Read This Post, Print it out and Read it Once a Month!!!
Please Welcome My Friend – Sue of SAHealy – sahealey.wordpress.com We are really blessed today to have her “Feeling Stuck? So Dream – Then Do” to read and enjoy! I hope You find this article as Great as I have and enjoy Her writing style, content and humor! Please visit Her blog and check out her other works!