By Jeanne Marie – Women Who Think Too Much.Wordpress.Com
And Charles Robert Lindholm – The Reluctant Poet

Sleep Eats My Hours
Like A Starving,
Desert Demon,
It Swiftly Steals
And Devours
My Most Precious
Moments In Seconds

I Awaken Each Morning
To Find Years And Years 
Have Slowly
Slipped Away
In A Silent,
And Addictive State
Of Amnesia Continue reading


By Charles Robert Lindholm

From The First Time
I Laid Eyes On You
I Loved You

It Was Love At First Sight,
And You Stole My Heart

That Moment
Was The Start
Of Me Loving You

And As Long
As I Live
That’s What I’ll Do

For All Of Your Life
I Loved You
And For The Rest Of Mine
I Will Miss You

You Are My Forever
And Always

Copyright © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

Dedicated to every parent who has had to bury a child and knows the Forever Love that will always fill their heart to cushion the Forever Loss that no parent ever expects to have to feel.

My Mom and Aunt and other friends I love have had to endure this.  If this has been your experience too, I send you my love and condolences, for something there is no label to describe because it is so awful!!

God bless you All!!!