Somehow, out of all the twists and turns

our lives could have taken, and out of all

the chances we might have missed, it almost

seems like we were given a meant – to – be

moment … to meet, to get to know each

other, and to set the stage for a special



When I’m with you, I know I am in

the presence of someone who makes my

life more complete.  I feel like you’re

my soul mate, and I want you to know

that my world is reassured by you, my

tomorrows need to have you near, so

many of my smiles depend on you and

my heart is so thankful that you are here.

                        I LOVE YOU!




A Soulmate is someone you can

be completely comfortable with.

Someone with whom you share unconditional love

and when you look into each other’s eyes,

you know that you are home.

            Arielle Ford



By Keza/Spiritedsoul And Charles Robert Lindholm

Under The Spell
Of A Lover’s Moon
Her Heart Was
Once Broken

With The Foolish
Dreams And Lies
Of Youth
And Young Love

She No Longer Cries
For What Was Lost
And Could Have Been
So Long Ago,
Except In The Midnight Light
Of A Lover’s Moon

When Forgotten
Memories Escape
Her Heart And
Invade Her Dreams

She Found
The Strength
Inside Her
Heart And Soul

To Stand Up 

To Forgive
To Forget
To Let Go
And To Move On

She Looked Around
And Found
A Different Path
For Her Life
That Is Her Own

The One She Shares
With Her Daughter

Copyright © 2020 Keza/SpiritedSoul And Charles Robert Lindholm – The Reluctant Poet
All Rights Reserved – 12-02-2020 – 05:00 p.m.

Thanks, Keza For The Honor And Privilege Of Writing With You!!  It’s Always A Thrill Writing With Keza/SpiritedSoul.

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By Keza / Spiritedsoul And Charles Robert Lindholm / The Reluctant Poet

Love Is Never Out Of Season,
It Goes With Spring And Summer
Autumn And Winter
It’s Perfect With Them All

But I Don’t Think
That Will Be True
For You And I

It Seems I Will
Only Cause You Heartache,
Even Though Your Inner Fire
Puts Millions Of Sparks
Into My Heart And Soul
It Hasn’t Ignited
A Raging Fire
Or An Endless Love

Deep In My Heart I Know
That I’m Just Hurting You So
If It’s Time You Think I Need
I’ll Tell You, I Cannot Nourish Love’s Seed

I Will Never Blossom
Into A Soulmate
Or The Forever Lover
You Long For

I Cannot Promise You
The Rest Of My Life
It Just Isn’t Right
When I Don’t Feel
As You Do

When I Gently Push You Away
I See The Sadness In Your Eyes,
It Only Makes You Want To Stay 
But, When It Comes To You And I,

You Really Must Be Honest
With Yourself – And Me 

I Know Cupid’s Arrow Has Hit Your Heart
And Letting Go Is Hard To Do, But
I Think It’s Best If We Just Part
So You Can Find Your One And Only

Copyright © 2020 Keza / Spiritedsoul And Charles Robert Lindholm / The Reluctant Poet – All Rights Reserved – 09-29-2020 – 5:00 p.m.
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By Keza/Spiritedsoul And Charles Robert Lindholm – The Reluctant Poet

How Did I
Not Know
You Possessed
The Coldest Heart?

Your Sweet Words
Deceived Me
With Promises,
Tempting Me
To Believe

Your Fiery Passion,
Your Hungry Hands,
And Wild Desires,
And Lies About Love,
Hid The Truth

No Words Of Love
Or Warm Embrace
Will Erase
What I Have Learned,

I Am, No Longer A Fool

Your Words
Are Barbed Wire Kisses
That Cut Me
To The Quick
And Leave
Me In Tears,

My Punishment
For Trusting You

I Seek Refuge
In The Darkest Corner
Of My Soul,
The Safest Place To Sit,
Far Away From You

Where I Can Wonder,
And Plan My Escape,
Into A Life
That Once Again
Is Mine

Copyright © 2020 Keza/Spiritedsoul And Charles Robert Lindholm – The Reluctant Poet
All Rights Reserved – 09-04-2020 – 11:30 a.m.

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