By Charles Robert Lindholm  2-3-2017 at 4:00 a.m. (The motivation for “Conscious Coma” set to be published on WordPress on 2-4-2017)

How do you know if you have found your Soulmate?  When you both pick out the exact same card for your Anniversary!

When two hearts beat as one. When you always get excited about being able to get back home to see your Sweetie.  When your Beloved never lets you get out the door without a kiss and an admonition to “Be Careful”!!

When you look around your life and your home and the most important thing you see is your Soulmate.  When you can remember where and when and why you did this or that and how you came to pick out that souvenir or admire an old photo you will know the feeling – and I hope you will!

We live in a retirement community (15,000 people) not too far from the main road, and it never fails that at least once a day you can hear a siren go by and the reality of “The Circle of Life” is once again impressed upon you.  When I was younger I could never quite understand how it was that so often when one spouse of a couple who had been married for  30, 40 or 50 years passed on that the other spouse, who seemed to be in good health, would be very likely to pass on within a year of losing their Soulmate.  Now that I have a Soulmate I understand.  They lose the desire to live on without their Beloved!!!

Losing the desire to live – It seems so crazy when the basic instinct of life is self survival at all costs, but for those who have been lucky enough to have found a little Heaven on Earth with a Soulmate it makes perfect sense.

I always feel so sad for the one who is left behind and I have had too many opportunities to see it up close – and we want to be like the ending in the movie “The Notebook” or like the very most romantic shot in the whole movie “Titanic” where the little old couple is shown spooning in their cabin as the water is coming in (that shot made me cry).

If you have been lucky enough to have had a little Heaven on Earth with a Soulmate it makes perfect sense that you would want to be in Heaven again!

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You have blessed me with a shared moment on the Journey of Life and for that I am forever grateful!!
Chuck Lindholm,
The Reluctant Poet

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By Charles Robert Lindholm

 My Dearest Darling-The Lover of My Soul,

As I sit here writing to You after all the intervening years since our time together I am still so amazed and thankful that my memories of You and Us are as vivid as the day we made them. 

I can see You as clearly as when I gently held Your face in my hands and kissed Your lips so tenderly every morning.  The most exquisite greetings to a morning I have ever had in my life.  Ah, but then all of the memories that I Treasure most were made by You in my life!

Your memories are what I guard more jealously than silver or gold or any other worldly possession!  The world can have their possessions as long as I can have the memories of You and I together and a hope of a heaven someplace where we can be together again and never, ever parted!

I have no need of the Masters of the ages and their writings and stories, made up or true!  I had what no words could ever give me, I had You in my life, in my Heart and in my Soul!!  I had You in my mornings, in my middays and in those glorious nights together in each other’s arms with our skin melting together as our Heart’s beat as one and we wrapped each other in Our Love and felt an ecstasy as explosive and sweet as a shooting star!

I cling to those memories of You and Us with the same strength and tenacity as I do to life and my every breath.  If I should ever lose those Beloved memories of You and Us it will be at the same time that my grip on life is lost too!

I revel in the details of Your face.  I view all the paintings of Your body and Our times in the memories of my mind each and every day!  I feel the warmth of Your body on my Soul!  I lick my lips and still taste the sweetness of Your kisses.  I remember Our Passionate moments and I cry!  Mostly tears of Joy from knowing that I received the greatest gift of Love from You, My Darling!  You gave me Your Heart and Soul and I gave mine to You!  There is no greater gift to give or receive!  I am eternally thankful for the gifts of love that we have given, shared and exchanged with each other!!

But some of those tears are from the sadness of knowing what I have missed through the years of separation from You even if it was just our bodies.  I cannot deny that my body  longs for You each day.  It still feels the yearning to kiss You,  to embrace You,  to feel Your skin on mine, to trace Your body with my fingers as an artist would sketch every inch of You and to know again the passions that we shared!

My Heart and My Soul have not had to endure such tears.  They both have always been bound to You with bonds that can never be broken by a physical separation.  They always comfort me with the memories of You singing and humming and I can’t help but sing along in harmony with You.  Your memories always make me happy!  Each and every time!

 I am writing this to You as physical proof to the Universe, and You, of my undying Love for You and my Lifetime wish and desire to be with You again either in the here and now or in the hereafter! 

I am beseeching the Universe to continue to send You the Love and Adoration I have been sending You since the day we parted. 

I am the Lover of Your Soul!  And I know that You are The Lover of My Soul, too and have been since those times in each other’s arms with our Hearts beating as One and Our Souls intertwined for eternity!

 I hate the thought of putting down my pen and the connection I feel to Your Soul at this moment!  I desire to keep sending my words to You through the Universe but my body can no longer resist the need for sleep. 

And now that I think about it, this isn’t so bad.  It only means that I can be with You again in my dreams!!  Good night, My Sweet Lover!!

From the Lover of Your Heart, and Your Soul and Your Body now, as always,


Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – The Reluctant Poet
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For those who have not viewed my 2017 and 2018 Archives or
started following my blog recently, please come and explore them!
They are mainly posts of my writing. 2019 is also a good year to explore.
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For those of You too young to remember or those who have forgotten one of the greatest romantic movies of all time please watch, stream or rent the movie Dr. Zhivago!  For the romantics in the crowd be sure you have Kleenex nearby.  Maybe I should have posted a warning too – “TEAR ZONE AHEAD”.

This is my fantasy of what a letter written to “The Lover Of My Soul” might have said.

I hope You enjoyed this and will view my other works as well!

Until Then,

Chuck Lindholm

The Reluctant Poet