What I’ve Become

Please welcome Holly of houseofheartweb and her poem “What I’ve Become”, please enjoy the wonderfully slow and sensuous journey to an ending that defines “obession”.

Please check out Holly’s other works on her blog.

House of Heart

You are my obsession,

undulating waves of fixation

that canโ€™t be restrained.

What I know of you

I have learned through osmosis,

the taste of ozone Iย  crave

like breathing air.

It is always raining here.

I am nothing more than precipitation

slipping down the surface of

your skin.

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13 thoughts on “What I’ve Become

    1. Hi Maria, Sadly, no chocolate theme today, But perhaps we could share one??? Interested? I so loved Your Soulful Duet!!! Did You get my message on Your contact?

      Glad You liked this and will have to work on some Chocolate themes for You, My Dear!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh my!!! Yes, yes!! I would love to do another duet with you and your muse. Looking forward to your posts.

        And, I’ve got your email and replied.. My apologies for the late response.


    2. No, Dear! Not Yet! I’m beginning to see you are alot like me – Not patient!! LOL! Oh, Yes, Holly’s works are just what you say, elegant, classy, powerful yet simple too. I’m so glad that You loved her work and are following! She is a Dear Friend, like You, and I’m always glad to help positive things (your follow) happen! You have good taste!!! For Chocolate too! Ha!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha! Too impatient!! Yes, I am. Glad to share some similarities with you too (I am seeing a lot- chocolates and poems). HA!

        P.S. I hope my email has found its way to you.


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